Interview with Dr. Kari Williams, Trichologist and Educational Stylist

kari3We cannot tell you how many times a day we get the same question from women all over the world, “How can I get my hair to grow?” We usually answer it with suggestions surrounding, building a solid regimen and having patience. Is it just that simple? What would you say to that girl?

It is that simple. I tease clients and tell them that if you are living your hair is growing. If you feel like your hair is not growing then something is happening to the ends of your hair that is causing breakage.

It becomes a conversation about length retention. This does include a solid hair care regimen, balanced nutritional intake to support growth from the inside out and patience.

We know about the Mahogany Hair Revolution Salon, we have read the  reviews and seen your amazing work, what sets your salon apart from the rest, how do you stay innovative in such a demanding industry?

I’m constantly putting myself in the client’s shoes. I am such a perfectionist and very critical. These character traits constantly have me pushing myself to be better. I want to be the best. I want to give my clients the best. I want Mahogany to represent the best in hair care.

As a result, I am always studying, learning and heeding the advice of mentors. What the “best” looks like is constantly changing, which means I am also constantly evolving and challenging myself to rise to the next level.

If you could pen an open letter to the new stylists who really want to succeed in this business what would be the main point you would want to drive home?

kari4Success takes discipline and perseverance.  Success looks different to everyone. So whatever your goals are, chase them fearlessly. Stay disciplined in practicing and perfecting your craft.

Perseverance is important because you will encounter road blocks and setbacks. They are only temporary. Remain consistent and you will eventually achieve the success you desire.

For women suffering from hair loss who have tried everything, things can seem hopeless, what is the best advice you can give to women suffering from Traction Alopecia?

Traction alopecia is a scarring form of alopecia which means follicles are damaged to the point where scar tissue has formed and hair will not grow back.

My best advice is the moment you experience hair loss due to traction to seek help. Too often women wait until it is too late to address hair loss caused by traction. The sooner you take action to stimulate the follicles and reduce the inflammation caused by the traction, the more likely you will see hair growth.

Ultimately, the best advice is to avoid tight hair styles that create stress around the hair line. If you are experiencing discomfort take the style out or you risk permanent hair loss.

Originally posted 2014-01-21 15:00:57.


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    I didn’t know she was a lifetime natural. How cool is that? She’s been highly recommended to me by more than one person. I haven’t been to a stylist in years but I’d like to try her out.

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