Eskimohair Shows How She Makes Straight Hair into Afro Textured Hair [Video]


Afro textured hair can be a bit of a phenom don’t you think? Eskimohair uses some flat straw like devices to make zigzags in her hair that appear to be how some afro textured hair would look. We thought her technique was interesting, check out the video below:

Did she nail it?

Originally posted 2015-02-02 01:00:01.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Chala M. Brooks
    Chala M. Brooks

    She really wanted this hair I see. Ain’t nothing wrong with it. Apparently, she likes it that much.

  2. Chelsea Lowe
    Chelsea Lowe

    I am so amazed by this. it looks awesome! might try this as a change from braid outs. I like the zigzag curl pattern

    1. Yolanda

      I just wrote a reply to a comment on her youtube video. I think I saw another youtuber use plastic drinking straws instead of whatever she used and did not use a flatiron (hello plastic! also, if you’re avoiding direct heat)! I remember the style coming out very nice….like crimpy waves or something. Good luck!

  3. Brittany Avery
    Brittany Avery

    I think its flattering that she wants to style her hair in an afro. I mean alot of you ladies downing this chick cant talk because im sure none of you would let weave go and wear your natural hair…

    If you arent embracing your natural hair dont bash those who want to have our hair.

    1. Pamela Smith
      Pamela Smith

      You ain’t by yourself lone ranger. I mean, why would she even want kinky hair? I just can’t imagine that she woke up one morning and thought,”Dayum!!! I need to go kinky, on purpose!! Yeah, that’s it!! AFRO!!!”

    2. Lillian

      Feel no type of way, it’s none of your business how someone chooses to style their hair. She likes it and it’s a compliment that she feels the style is beautiful and worth embracing.

      1. Evelyn Romara

        Uhm you know black people can have different color eyes and any face including black people the most diverse person on the planet can have NAUTURALLY blonde hair don’t be dumb

    1. Plain Jane
      Plain Jane

      So Britney Avery there’s no black people in the universe who have colored eyes or blonde hair?? There are people in Africa to prove you wrong. That was idiotic and had no relevance ✌️

    2. myhairmychoice

      There ARE white people with coily hair too….

    3. Lillian

      You honestly sound so ridiculously ignorant. NOT EVERY person is racist. “THEY HATE US” you sound stupid….did she say that or are you making that choice for your self.

  4. Janay Mitchell
    Janay Mitchell

    She did a great job. “We” are always so offended when we are imitated. Yet rave & rant acceptance! U would throw a fit if someone were to tell u that u couldn’t/ shouldn’t or didn’t have the right to wear your hair in the way u chose. Be happy that we are again making a movement!

  5. Ebony Hayes
    Ebony Hayes

    I find it insane that for years these people have ridiculed our hair,our skin and over all being as humans but do everything in their power to emulate us….can we say a major identity crisis

    1. Brittney Amera Cruz
      Brittney Amera Cruz

      Every white person does not hate black people. I know black people that ridicule black people. There is nothing wrong with embracing other cultures. How can we get mad for not being accepted and when embraced it’s still and issue. Don’t both go hand and hand.

    2. Ebony Hayes
      Ebony Hayes

      I would like to say there is a difference between embracing and emulating. For decades black women have been taught by white America that our hair isn’t beautiful which over time the black culture accepted, now the second the natural hair movement becomes big here they come trying to as I said before emulate us. Embracing us would be welcoming out kinky textured hair and dreads into corporate America without hasseling us about it, instead they give us the ILLUSION of embracing by calling their hair nappy and making their hair look afro textured. When before our hair was ugly and now that we’ve made what they called ugly for decades beautiful and popular they want to EMULATE IT.

    3. myhairmychoice

      I don’t think its fair to lump this girl in the group of racists and oppressors. She just kinked her hair and made a video about it. Assuming that she’s suffering.from some identity crisis is intimating that every relaxed haired or weave wearing woman is suffering the same.

  6. Brenda Matthews
    Brenda Matthews

    I mean you can’t really be mad at her…she’s only doing what 75% of black women do…emulate white ppl and their hair culture.

    1. Simona Oluwakemi
      Simona Oluwakemi

      Only because we are TAUGHT to hate being our natural selves .. Who is teaching white people to hate being their natural selves?

    2. Blaque Chyna
      Blaque Chyna

      Ppl often say blacks imitate the white look but in actuality it’s the exotic look most imitate. And when I say exotic I’m referring to the “Indian” or Asian rather.

    3. Brenda Matthews
      Brenda Matthews

      Since we know white folk want to be included in everything I speculate they dislike themselves, which is why they oppress others; it’s the nature of things. It doesn’t matter who you emulate…at the end of the day black women aren’t satisfied with themselves.

    4. Rivian Jones
      Rivian Jones

      Brenda Matthews speak for yourself I’m satisfied! I love myself I don’t hate on the next woman because I’m content with me. I don’t define my blackness by hair texture and petty issues as such. Don’t speak for all of us Brenda speak for yourself.

    5. Tsebo Kobbina
      Tsebo Kobbina

      Eish I am one of those 75 percent. There is pressure to look good and good looks is brazilian weavon. Even the black guys call it sophisticated when you’re not wearing weavon you’re from village. That’s why I started wishing my hair was naturally brazilian weave for acceptance and to be called sophisticated and beautiful. But here in this website I was shocked because everyone told me I am mad. But now I realise where we come from brazilian weave it’s expensive but it’s sophistication and class. Short hair like me we don’t feature we are seen as villagers we cannot afford weaves relaxing burn our scalps so we are left to settle for afro which doesn’t seem to grow

    6. Brenda Matthews
      Brenda Matthews

      Rivian Jones, obviously you’re not part of the 75% so WHY take offense??? My comments are appointed to those that are affected by them to say the least…

    7. Negus Vu

      Apparently you have some folks who like to defend stupidity. This is the case Brenda, your absolutely right.

  7. Nikki WhereIs Waldo
    Nikki WhereIs Waldo

    I think it’s cute but people cannot talk shit when we all embrace cultural hair styles people as a whole. It’s quite condescending to critique her when at one point if you had extensions, weave, relaxed hair, flat ironed, hot comb or gel hair you sound like a hater. Hating doesn’t make you beautiful keeping it real does. Ironically, she appears to embrace natural hair than most blacks. #peace

    1. Simona Oluwakemi
      Simona Oluwakemi

      Ask 90% of the Black women who did have extensions, weave, relaxed hair, flat ironed, hot comb if they were taught to hate being Black and taught to hate their natural hair… Ask if white people taught to hate their straight hair and to embrace kinky coils? Bet they would look at you stupid.

    2. Dishauna Kirksey
      Dishauna Kirksey

      So if I want to have weave or flat iron my hair I want to be white… I don’t hate my natural hair.. I wasn’t taught to hate my natural hair either. I like different looks. I don’t need an afro everyday. If she wants to wear her hair like a frizzy cotton ball, let her.

    3. Blaque Chyna
      Blaque Chyna

      Average black hair is harder to manage. I was born with wavy hair 3c and after perms I was left with sort of kinky hair. No I don’t care for it I would prefer my 3c wavy hair back.

    4. Rivian Jones
      Rivian Jones

      I find it so funny that we forgot who invented perms. I believe it was a black woman so your saying her intent was to make us want to be white and hate ourselves? @simona

  8. Shayla Kyle Samuel
    Shayla Kyle Samuel

    I might have liked this without all the tousling. She just turned it into a frizzy mess. I prefer definition with my curls, natural or heat made.

  9. Pamela Smith
    Pamela Smith

    I’m sorry but that’s a NO from me. Had she just tried for ‘textured hair’ I wouldn’t have anything to say. But why AFRO textured hair? Does she see us with a head that looks like a big cotton ball? Because to me, that’s what she ended up with. I have looked at dozens and dozens of youtube videos, read tons of Black hair site logs and I have yet to see anyone come close to what she did on this video. Maybe this is what we get for using relaxers.

    1. Pamela Smith
      Pamela Smith

      I know. I’m talking about the straight hair benefits. They probably think they invented it.

    1. Tellington The-Cupcaker
      Tellington The-Cupcaker

      Tell that to the little girl who got kicked out of school for having dreads. Tell that to the lady who had her hair cut off by cops while she was detained. Tell that to all the men with locs who aren’t taken seriously in the business world because of their hair. It’s NEVER just hair.

    2. Dishauna Kirksey
      Dishauna Kirksey

      I meant it’s just “her” hair. I know all about black being discriminated against because of looks.

  10. Tiera Nicole Betts
    Tiera Nicole Betts

    Deleshia Smoots-Robinson and Shaneice Tootsie Roll Robinson I would like yall opinion on this. . . . . Because I’m definitely feeling some type of way

    1. Tiana Dowell
      Tiana Dowell

      …. But black people can have naturally straight hair and naturally blonde hair sooo this argument isn’t valid. I understand what you’re saying though. Trying to conform into Eurocentric looks is assimlation not appropriating I suppose

    2. Mone
      Mone't India

      Tiana Dowell I have white friends born with curly hair! It was never an argument. It was a comment in response to ignorant negros who barely find themselves attractive yet get offended by others “copying their style”

    3. Mone
      Mone't India

      So tired of the “naturals” who just learned to love themselves trying to preach ” Girl Bye”

  11. Trudy Nicole Mc Kenzie
    Trudy Nicole Mc Kenzie

    Why so many women butt hurt on this page…I think it’s flattering considering the fact that a lot of ppl prefer straight hair…the natural hair movement is at a all time high so of course with any trend a lot of ppl would jump on it goes to show that when we appreciate the beauty of our hair other races appreciate the beauty of it too

  12. Rivian Jones
    Rivian Jones

    I want to shed some light because ppl constantly refer to white ppl when they mention perms. Ladies who invented the perm? Nuff said. I don’t think her intentions behind the perm was for you to emulate a white woman. Ppl make up all types of silly reasoning for everything. Also were does your weave come from? I believe Asian, Brazilian and indian women I have yet to see hair called Caucasian. Please stop with this mess and leave this girl alone I believe they used to wear there hair like that in the 70’s anyway.

  13. Brittney Amera Cruz
    Brittney Amera Cruz

    All white people do NOT ridicule our hair. I’ve had more white people compliment me when I was natural then blacks. Black people wanted to interrogate me about the products I used or that it wasn’t combed, brush, what have you properly. I like her hair there is nothing wrong with it. It’s not an identity crisis. I’ve seen blond blue eyed white little girls with frizzy huge curls that looked just like our hair you would have sworned her mom lied about the father. We are not the only race with fro like hair so stop.

  14. Cleopatra Jones Best
    Cleopatra Jones Best

    Yea….she did this tutorial because white women are seeing us embrace our natural hair and how much attention we are getting and we have so many textures and curl patterns our hair is unique and stand out from the rest so, now they “think” they can pull it off to. I’m flattered actually…..

  15. Victoria Mackie
    Victoria Mackie

    Don’t understand why so many people are mad. Haters gonna hate I guess. Doesn’t make any kind of sense to me why this is such an issue for some of you.

    Side note: I think it would have looked better and closer to what black women accomplish if she’d have left the curls more intact. Her hair looks too fuzzy, imo.

  16. Yolanda

    People should keep in mind that when some people tease, poke fun, ridicule someone else it is because deep down they are envious and/or insecure about their own shortcomings. So when some of you have had experiences with someone mocking their natural hair it is because that person may have been a little green with envy. I know my experiences with my natural hair have been mixed. I have received lots of compliments from men and women from non-black backgrounds as well as not-so-nice comments from some black men (my father included) and black women (women I considered good friends). My experience has also been that people envy our hair because this type of hair is the only hair that can, for the most part emulate all other hair types (think about that). I always hear “oh my goodness, your hair looks different every time I see you” . I know some of my co-workers and friends couldn’t wait to see me just to see what I have done with my hair. Honestly, who cares that she is styling her hair to look like an “afro”? Who wouldn’t want their hair to do something that looks so awesome (my biased opinion)? Can some of us really judge when we have worn our hair chemically straightened, heat straightened, colored, dyed or covered with wigs and weaves to get our to do or look like something that it does not naturally look like/do??? Some people from different cultures, backgrounds, races, ethnicities are now openly imitating, copying, emulating Black American culture (as well as other cultures and nationalities) instead of mocking, demeaning, shunning, and ridiculing. I feel like we should start saying out loud and to ourselves “of course they are copying us, we are that awesome”! I know that’s how I feel, often imitated never duplicated!

  17. Tiana Dowell
    Tiana Dowell

    I can how this could be appropriating and I can see why most of you are saying it is .. I just don’t feel as strongly as others about what white people do with their stringy flat lice prone hair (yes, shade) my only problem
    Is when they use our terminology in reference to our hair and act as if though they created it and are disclosing this to the whole word. But other than that, go ahead with your perms and teasing combs to get the same looks we wake up with.

    Oh and btw, blonde hair and straight weaves aren’t a great argument for reasoning. Fully black people can have naturally straight hair Nd even blonde hair. You can google it or YouTube. And NOBODY buys bundles from white donors. Nobody asks for England body wave smh come on now

  18. Carol McCurdy
    Carol McCurdy

    It’s called Cultural appropriation.

    Our natural hair was/is not considered “professional” (in some instances) in its natural state.

    It was discrimination from the dominate group, which forced us to straighten our hair. We’re educated, have the appropriate attire, now we need to change our hair. It was just another “hoop” to jump through.

    It is reminiscent of Bo Derek styling her hair with cornrows in the 70s. Her “hair” was a new trend; it was a fad for white women, but was an economic barrier for African American women embracing their own culture.

  19. Tatyana Donaldson
    Tatyana Donaldson

    I mean we get the weave that looks and feels like their hair but they can’t do the same? I understand they have ridiculed it but not all of them.

  20. Desiree Wallace
    Desiree Wallace

    I like it. And I think it’s ridiculous for any black person to hate her hair when/if you have straight weave or straight hair period.

    Also, from personal experience more white people like black hair more than black people

  21. Bukky Bal
    Bukky Bal

    Lol the hypocrisy is too real. How about any of us who’ve ever worn a European weave, a perm or blonde highlights take a seat. Drop the double standards man

    1. Blaque Chyna
      Blaque Chyna

      You are old enough to know better. Not all dislike us. They were many that helped free us but WE as a ppl always remember the bad and never credit the good that risked their lives to help us.

  22. Cb Sampson
    Cb Sampson

    How is this black hair information but you know we are beautiful with our curls straight hair is boring and no she did not nail it thats not an afro its spiral curls

  23. Janice Roye-Walker
    Janice Roye-Walker

    What a bunch of hypocrites! So many of u commenting wear European weaves yet u bashing this white girl for wearing a kinky style typical women always hating on another woman! #itsjusthair #doublestandards #chill

  24. BallHairz onFleek

    Im glad somebody appreciates kinky hair because black 50′ indian remy Brazilian weave headed women don’t. Go head white sista lol

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