How To Make The Best Of A Natural Hair Meetup

tumblr_na5ua8IMls1ruqds8o1_5003. Look good

Listen, I know I don’t have to express to you the level of ‘gorgeousness’ at one of these things. Dallas was so darn humid, so you know my hair shrunk up into a mushroom, which I totally hate! I felt like I should have been more prepared with maybe a cute bun or something.

The ladies were all on point. When Drake said, “With your natural hair and sundress”, he was telling the truth. The girls showed up and showed out, so make sure you do the same.

4. RSVP and come early

Sometimes these things can get packed fast, so it helps to be prepared and get your tickets early, so that when you get to the meet-up, everything is already done and setup. All you have to do is literally just walk in. It helps to come early as well; we have heard of some meetups where even if you RSVP’ed, you aren’t guaranteed a seat. That doesn’t happen often, but it can.

5. Get a goody bag

Some of the meetups give awesome goodie bags with full size product; CURLS was no different when I went, so when you choose a meet-up, get a goodie bag if you can. Free products are a great way to try something new, especially if the meet-up is sponsored by a company who is trying to introduce something to the market, and their core customer is you!

6. Stay till the end

I was glad I stayed till the end because then the girls could really talk, exchange numbers meet YouTubers and take selfies – tons and tons of selfies. Most meetups are short anyway, so they won’t take up much of your day. So why not stay till its over, right?

7. Bring your camera

We all have camera phones, so that might be easy, but be ready to take pictures to capture moments. A curly girl meet-up is all about the selfie – as I mentioned before – so be prepared, and charge that bad boy up.

8. Keep in touch

After the meet, it will be great to be able to connect with your new friends. So get their digits, Instagram, and/or Twitter, and keep in touch. You never know, you might have a meetup buddy for the next party.

Well, there you have it; all of the things you need to know for your next natural hair event, from my own experience. Feel free to comment below on your last event, and what you took away from the meet-up.





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