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As a Jamaican girl raised in a devout church family headed by my mother, I have always had my natural hair, no chemical processing. After years of mistreating it , often ignorant of that fact, I began my healthy hair journey in January 2013 in fact, I have seen to it that my entire household falls in line where this is concerned. When I am not poring over some hair blog or forum I spend my time teaching English to rowdy high school students (ok maybe I have some little sweethearts in the mix), mothering the most adorable two year old on this globe, or rushing to meet the deadline for a writing project on Elance. In my spare time I enjoy a stroll along the beach with my doting husband.


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  1. Ashley M says

    Hi Marsha,
    Thank you for this posting this because I have been wanting to donated my curls, but not sure who would accept the hair because I am natural. But I do have a question. When you say curls have to be stretched what do you mean by this? should be blowdried stretch or just stretching hair in a braid?

    • Alma Ruddock says

      Hi Ashley. I think that all she means is that it would be easier to do the cut with your hair in a stretched state. You can blow dry, sure but it’s not necessary, if it can be braided like in the picture in the article then do that.

      PS: Well done for considering donation 🙂

  2. J says


    I was wondering if you knew of any place that accepts Caucasian locks? I would really like to donate my locks but most places do not accept them

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