White Woman Abruptly Touched Black Woman’s Hair While Ordering Food [Video]

It’s never ok to invade anyone’s personal space. A black woman was ordering food when a woman abruptly started touching her hair. We aren’t your pets so keep your hands to yourself.



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  1. Aretha Evans

    Now had she cursed her out, she’d have been called an angry black woman who assaulted an elderly white woman.

  2. Tee Dunbar

    But then the question is, why did that woman think it was alright to just go and touch that lady like that? If the roles were reversed then what?!!!

  3. Brianna Smith

    I would’ve politely asked her to get her hands out of my dam before its a problem I don’t like people touching me period

  4. Nova Wellington

    O girl should have slapped that lady hand like she was a toddler touching something she should not have been putting her hands on !!! The lady look like she slow any damn way

  5. Jobber Carter

    Lord this weekend my neighbor thought it was ok to cut my son’s hair???? can u say one pissed mama????????????????????

    1. Karen Washington

      Oh hell to the nawl’ nawl’ nawl! I would have made that neighbor by dinner for the whole family and then pay1 month car note, to keep from pressing charges!!!!

  6. Chivonne Williams

    I heard a white teacher say to two little black girls yesterday “ o you have new hair!” I hate that term like what the hell is new hair?

  7. Sonya Moore

    A few weeks ago a white woman told me my hair looks “fun”. Wtf is fun hair? If she would’ve touched my hair the scenario would have been nowhere near fun

    1. Nina Figueroa

      Lmfao ???????????? yu have got to be on drugs… Thats luck i dont want. Stay outta my personal space or learn a valuable lesson.????

  8. Tequila Daddys Godfrey

    Nicely call the cops for assault. You have no right to touch anyone! Keep your hands to yourself……is that petty or just what they do when your just minding your day drinking coffee?

    1. Tamar Walters

      Tequila Daddys Godfrey that’s what I had to tell one of my coworkers. She keeps touching my hair and I keep telling her to stop. It wasn’t until I finally threatened to call the cops that she was “shocked” and “didn’t know why I would say or do that”

  9. Pauline Grant

    Anybody else wondering what the outcome would have been had this situation been reversed?… ????

  10. Loren Sims

    Brittany Sims this chick at Safeway told me my hair ‘could be either very fun or a horrible disaster’.

  11. Melanie De Bruijn

    Like she has never seen it before or she have seen it before but like the feeling of it. I have been thinking about it a few times, since some people find it normal to touch my daughters hair with their dirty fat fingers, while it took me hours to get that hair like that as a non-professional. I absolutly hate it! Just don’t touch!

  12. Valerie Johnson

    It’s annoying when people treat you like something exotic or strange when you’ve been in this country for centuries…just don’t…

  13. Tay Baee

    Lmao at all these comments but one of my clients was amazed at my natural hair, talking about your hair is so curly I mean it’s not Nappy curly but it’s cute. I’m like ????umm Thanks ????????????????????

  14. Melanie Mel-Bel Elliott

    I have naturally curly hair (Indian/black/white grandparents) that I straighten sometimes but people (black, Mexican and white; women and men) ask to touch my hair whenever I get my mom to roller set it and even when it’s down and straight. I’m 37 and this has happened since I was a little girl. Same with my son that had hair to his waist until he was 18. Sometimes people ask first, touch while asking or just touch without asking. I don’t get offended at all because I’ve rarely seen a person with similar texture or curls form the way mine do when set on rollers..my mom is a beautician and she thinks it’s half due to how she rolls it. That’s one reason why even black people compliment me or ask to touch it. It’s always done in very unique ways, it’s jet black, long and very soft so it doesn’t look real most of the time. I love my hair and think it’s beautiful so I don’t mind when people notice that. Blacks/Mexicans do it just as much as white so it doesn’t make me feel like I’m being petted and white tell me my hair is softer and finer than theirs which maybe they need to see that not all black hair is bad or nappy because it’s honestly what they assume. So touch away, just don’t mess it up.

  15. Alisha Juanette

    Oh God …. angry women…. just because someone touch your hair you wanna go ballistic!! The lady wasn’t being rude… just say Thank You and keep it moving… always wanna argue about silly shit

  16. TaMekia Riley

    This just happen to me Saturday night. I have Goddess Locs in my hair and the lady told me that they were so pretty (as she touched my hair without my permission).

  17. Keysha Gully

    So I wasn’t wrong for stating in a previous post that they have no business in our hair ok lol got put in fb jail an all behind it

  18. Sadiqa Johnson

    Okay yeah she shouldn’t have touched her hair but am I the only one that noticed that someone conveniently happened to be recording the whole encounter????

    1. Aneitha ML Knight

      Sadiqa Johnson from the very start, to finish. I was thinking exactly the same thing. I’m glad you noticed this as well. Hmmm!! The lady should have spoken to the girl first “Oh, I love your hair, your hair looks lovely etc” after all their not friends or companion their perfect strangers. She didn’t handle the girls hair abruptly, not at all, she was amazed fascinated at how lovely the girl hair was, it was malicious but she should have asked first.

    2. Brandy Gilliam

      Aneitha ML Knight uh, no. U don’t even ASK to touch a black persons hair. U admire from a distance and keep your hands to yourself. give a compliment, at most. They’re not asking to touch a other white persons hair, no matter how nice or different they think it looks. Same should apply to black hair.

  19. Pamela Williams

    This guy at work with not African American said my hair looked like Whezzy from the show The Jeffersons. Let’s just say he needed a tissue for his issues by the time I was threw with him. Left my office crying. Ignorant bastard ????

  20. Aretha Evans

    I was standing in line waiting to pay for something once and had my 4 year old niece with me. I heard her shriek and looked down to see that a white woman had actually crouched down eye level next to her and was touching her hair. When I told the woman that her behavior was unacceptable and pulled my niece away, she still tried touching her braids again. It wasn’t until another woman suggested I slap the stuff out of the woman did she finally back up. Then she tried the whole tearful she didn’t know what was wrong thing. Privilege is what allows ww tp think that they can come up and touch, talk to and treat women of color however the hell they want to. The minute you let their ass know they are wrong, no matter how polite you are you’re seen as angry or aggressive.

  21. Je Wel

    I have had coworkers ask to touch my hair. The answer is always no….

  22. Tina Miller

    White women would always walk up to my infant daughters and attempt to touch their hair one even slipped through the cracks and ran her fingers through it and commented on how beautiful it was and asked if it was real. To this day they still do it and they’re teenagers and they’re constantly asked if their hair is real.

  23. Willie Mae Cobb

    Why would she do that how would she like it if some one touch her hair I’m just saying keep your hands to your self lady

  24. Candice Jay

    This video describes my life to a T!!! People can be so invasive…. One even went so far as to touch my arm to feel how”smooth” my skin is! So sick of the ignorance. I think there is another word for that that they use to call us as a matter of fact……????

  25. Penny Mills Huddleston

    We were standing in line at the grocery, my daughters hair is long with loose curls, and this elderly black lady started touching my daughter’s hair and telling her how beautiful it was and people pay a lot of money to have hair like hers. My daughter did not like this and said mommy why do people do this to me. I have no answer for her

  26. Stressfree Ladybug

    White women are so amazed my our curly hair and smooth skin. If your hair smells fruity the try to smell it too. They funny. But I let them know in a nice manner, You never touch a black womans’ hair”

  27. Brenda Eckford Witherspoon

    She wasn’t being malicious but some people are not as friendly as others…this woman obviously grew up in a household with no boundaries for personal space…she needs to fix that ASAP before she get her ass beat one day.

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