Silk Press on 4Z Natural Hair [Video]




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  1. La'eeqa Abdullah

    Ladies, 4Z means her Mama’s hair is soooo 4C that it needs it’s own category. All the way down to the last letter of the alphabet!. Like beyond 4C! Way, way beyond! She said it all in good fun. She is doing a great job helping her mom keep her hair healthy and beautiful!

  2. Kimberly Keyes

    But what product did she use!?!?!! Gorgeous outcome but what was used? I can’t deal with this natural stuff…relaxing might just be my answer…I bought E’TAE HAIR PRODUCTS and I feel like my hair just do better relaxed..

    1. La'eeqa Abdullah

      Nothing. No difference. We’ve just gotten better with technique (the chase method for instance), product (heat protectant for instance), and appliances (some flat irons are waaay better than others). These innovations put together gave us silkier results, which I guess is why we went from flat ironed to silk press.????

    2. La'eeqa Abdullah

      Eve L Fontes I love my old model Chi. The newer one is better though because it has temperature control (mine doesn’t) and the plates are made of tourmaline (straightens hair using less heat). Look up CHI Tourmaline flat iron.????

  3. Nebraska Jones

    This video is adorable, lol. Also, if straightening my hair is gonna take that long, I refuseeeeeee

  4. La'eeqa Abdullah

    Kimberly, do you follow a natural hair FB group (Type 4 Natural Hair is a good one) or subscribe to a someone’s YouTube channel that has your same hair type? There’s so many tips and tricks you’ll learn throughout your journey. Don’t give up yet!!!????????????

  5. Angeline Mimi Mqakelabe

    Lol… I’ve been natural for for 2yrs. I cut it off at the the end of 1st year now it’s grown again! I have just bought a relaxer just in case! I have 4Z hair too and looking after it it not easy. Hang in there… I follow My Natural Sistas and MissKenk on YouTube ????

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