Nighttime Hair Wrapping Routine [Video]

The scarf –



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  1. Phoenix McGee

    GIRL NO. How in the hello?! No no no. My hair would be everywhere before I got in bed good. If I make a wrap video will y’all post it? Cause no.

    1. Carlene 'Proud Mummy' Lawrence

      Can you please tell me how you wrap your hair, I’ve tried this and yes your hair does end up a mess by morning, I’ve also tried the old method of wrapping my hair all around my head and that doesn’t seem to work for me either

    2. Phoenix McGee

      I use the old technique but there’s a trick to it and I have started using one type of headscarf only because it’s the best at holding it. Just going straight into wrapping it will never work; you have to comb it down and in the direction you’re going before you actually start wrapping it. I’ll seriously post a video if you want to my personal page, because I’ve been wrapping my hair since high school and didn’t figure it out just right till last year.

    1. Nery Perez

      it’s all about training your hair to be wrapped.. my sister can wrap her hair and it will stay in place with out a dubie wrap.. now going to bed is a whole different ball game. you have to use it. but a helpfup hint is stockings lol

  2. Katrina Platt

    I have to wrap my hair quite simply similar to this video otherwise my head hurts the next day! Wrapping Is painful on my hair follicles.

    1. Li To

      She takes the clips out right after she puts the scarf on. I tried it. No lines or creases

  3. Jehni Thomas

    I cant do that lol i like old fashion wrapping but i have to comb my hair out first then wrap..i take my time

  4. Ni-Ni Patterson

    If you go to the comments on YT, just about everyone praises this “method”. Why, I don’t know or get it. I’m lost as to how wrapping hair the other ways that actually should end up looking great when you take it down is so hard for so many to do.

    1. Ni-Ni Patterson

      Most people I encounter just do it, as did I, just from seeing the finished look on ourselves or others. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since a lot of the same people do not know how to properly wash, curl, “plait”/braid (all the most simple braids), twist, or flat iron their hair either. Not trying to be mean about it, but I don’t understand what’s so hard about them.

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