You Must Watch VERY HELPFUL Video ( Feeding Cornrows) [Video]




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Tiffany Marie Banks

She did that.

Tasha Tipton

Maria Maria you need to watch and learn so you can do my hair

Sarah Green


Ashera J. Powell

Cute but I just got a headache

Chanel Diamond

Gorgeous Hair Love it ????

Hilaria Noellien

Looking good

Michelle Williams Gumbs

So love these braided hairstyles…wish I could wear them

Msqueenquee Rip Eric


Evans Stephanie

Perfect right

Msqueenquee Rip Eric

Love it I wish I could braid hair like that smh

Evans Stephanie

U will 1 day. I stopped perm. They chopped my hair once a monthly it grew n grew n then grew longer i have now from afro to perm.. Afro. So no more sewing weaving for me now. Long story lol. So im waiting for this get long down to my hip n then locs or jus let it long more longer? Hmm. Be4 my hair grow so slow! Nva chop… So it grew fast if u let the perm alone n chop ur hair jus once a month at salon.. Let them taken care of ur hair ma n u will thank me next 2018! ???????????????? #uptou #iwasafraidofcuttingmyhair #butitworks

Shainy Nicia


Sophronia Sang

She needed a hair cut, not braids.

Te'Mequeiionot Tetelonglivereggie SimmonsGary

Kiicha Simmons this cute

Princess Jada Collins


Ashari Carruthers

Amanda Andrea I’ll be your guinea pig

Charity Wangari Jedinger

Let me watch carefully

Stephanie Ighedeosa

Love this!
Her hair looks Fantastic.

MarQuita Collins


Jemeeka Washington

Lechelle W Washington you need to watch this so you can do our hair lol

Snoe Sibs

Looks so pretty and neat

Debbie Yvonne Mckenzie

Don’t think it’s a good idea installing cornrows like this when there is damage to hairline already

Josette Harper


Tonja Nixon

She did that. I wish people stop hating so much. Damn black people!!!!!!!

Alajzha Lashae

This cute ? Shannette Bone

Marian Horton-Trotter

She did a beautiful job,and for that one person saying she needed a haircut .Did it ever occur to you the the customer didn’t want a haircut ?
And stop with the negative comments,i swear some people would even complain about a sunny day..

Theresa Robinson-Smith

I need this myself

Adria Reeder

This was super helpful