Model Forced To Relax Her Natural Hair Or Quit TV Show [Video]

The show is the Caribbean Next Top model hosted by former miss universe Wendy Fitzwilliam. Wendy makes the young model Gabriella Bernard relax her gorgeousl natural hair even equating straight hair to “professionalism” at one point. 

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  1. Jenii John

    I would have had more empathy for her if she didn’t go along with relaxing her hair, seem to love the look thereafter and then make a 360 to demand an apology. Why is she even releasing this footage now when the reality show ended months ago? More negative publicity for my country smh

    1. Erica Kane

      Teonia Giles cant..its literally in the contract that she cant sue & it was televised that she wasn’t forced. She had a choice.

  2. Erica Kane

    She made the decision to go through with it. She had a choice to walk away or do it. She did it. That’s her stupidity.

  3. Licia Ballen Buchanan-Allen

    The after look when she’s apologizing is so…blah. She was conflicted, we all could see that and felt she would be blacklisted in the industry forever if she didn’t do it. She has decided to chop it all off and return to natural again. What I am appalled at is this Wendy person. Natural hair is unprofessional?

    1. Eromdap Ahsiek

      Licia Ballen Buchanan-Allen Wendy is actually a former Miss Universe from Trinidad & Tobago back in 1998 I think…

    2. Eromdap Ahsiek

      Her hair don’t seem relaxed to me, I think that’s unconfirmed, it look like it was blowout n flat ironed ….seems like it was shrinking back to it’s natural texture to me.

    3. Keisha Belinda C

      I love my natural hair. Natural hair is far from unprofessional. I really wished that this contestant would have stood her ground against relaxing. She may have been eliminated but she would be able to have this same platform against the competitions requests with her integrity and natural hair intact!

      I can’t wait until it’s a bit longer so that I can start locs again.

    4. Licia Ballen Buchanan-Allen

      Eromdap Ahsiek yes I know but I am still flabbergasted by her reaction to a black woman wanting o keep her hair. I don’t care how many titles she has, as a black woman she should be looking out for the best interest of our girls rather than perpetuate the hate of black features.

    5. Licia Ballen Buchanan-Allen

      That is why I don’t get star struck cause some of these people let their so called status go to their heads and spew a load of…ah-em, shaving cream?????

  4. Patrice Chelle

    She should have continued to stand her ground. The same result could have been accomplished with a silk press. She allowed them to bully her into submission.

  5. Keisha Belinda C

    Anyone who knows anything about the modeling industry knows that if Ford or Wilhelmina modeling execs tell you you need to relax your hair for a gig, you either relax your hair or you don’t get booked!! That is the nature of the industry. ESPECIALLY if you’re just starting out and you haven’t established yourself. Unless you’re a Tyra or a Naomi, childdddddd you do not have the pull to decide to keep your lovely natural locks.

    So while I don’t agree with relaxers, anyone trying to break into this industry needs to do their research and be prepared for these situations. Are you staunch on your choice to maintain your natural tresses?? If so, find another trade because this industry requires its members to be moldable and trainable.

    When presented with the option of relax or leave, the choice was yours to LEAVE!! Anyone who has seen any of ANTM knows that Tyra would not have put up with the defiance.

    Again, I don’t agree with the way this industry works; just stating that you have to be compliant to make it as a model.

  6. Pauline Grant

    No one held her head down and forced her…she made a choice… She clearly wanted the work and knew if she declined having her hair relaxed ,any possibility of work (with them anyway) would have either been withdrawn or very limited at best.And that’s fine but now she’s complaining months after the fact? ….girl bye! ????

  7. Dez Price

    Oh please. Everybody going on Knowing damn well All she had to do was get a damned Weave. ????

  8. Crystal Johnson Harris

    I would have did my hair myself (if they let me), if not, left. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. #ijs

  9. Yolanda Rucker

    In the fame spot light you do as they want or go get a regular job. I hate that they treat black people like that. Try working for Tyler Perry he seems like a good understanding person.

  10. Nicole Leung

    Don’t go on the show and make a commotion. Perm is what was required. It’s either yes or no. No one put a gun to her head. Kmt

  11. Beautifulashell Christal

    Either I just would not have gone on that show, weave or walk out. I’m never relaxing my hair again. I’ll shave it bald before relaxer. Hell a silk press would work too.

  12. Princess Dee

    Pure nonsense… if I was lucky enough to have hair as long as her, you best believe I would never relax it

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