Mixed The New White? Khloe Kardashian’s New Look & Why We’re Fixated on Blackfishing

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  1. Nicole Fudge

    Just because you take a black dick doesn’t turn you black! Smdh she need to sit her confused ass DOWN!!

  2. Amber Johnson

    People say whatever you want, but PLEASE do NOT say this bitch is White….because shes NOT.

  3. Jo Voan Jackson

    Mad about what…she may..be mixed…who her daddy is….(reaching for my glass of orange juice????????)

    1. Taryn Williams-Cobb

      Lol. You got to be kidding me. Do you believe that lie? They always doing something for publicity. That’s the only thing they got is Kim sex tape with Ray J and publicity. Which one of them has talent? The one that model. Hell.. they paid for her to be one. They do not fool me. Love your comment through

    2. Jo Voan Jackson

      who said i have to believe anything..most things on the internet is speculated..so I made my statement off of that…prett aware of how they became slutty famous and really dont care for any of em..lol..have a nice day hun

    1. Rachelle A Cunningham

      Or banks charge you twice as much interest when u wanna buy a house…..Or a company either denies you opportunity or pay you nearly 25% less than your white counterparts:/

    2. Estefania Cano

      dont want be black only take ur broda with money …l go leave for u black man run when police come …white woman like black with Power the rest for u and ur sisters

  4. Janika McCreary

    Mixed is the New white… She is mixed.. Mama white + Daddy black = Mixed… Everybody know who her real daddy is

    1. Tyrah Soles

      Amber Johnson if oj her father then she has no Armenian in her which is frfr still white but only the dad who died years ago is Armenian

    2. Estefania Cano

      mixed is a new white? My kids are mix and they r more black like u cos have original culture african culture so clouse ur mouth and think …and travell africa and meet who u r first …no sense

    3. Loca Ortiz

      OJ Simpson is her daddy. Idgaf if her mother was sleeping with/married to an Armenian at the time, her daughter’s natural face tells no lies lol

  5. Lillie Klitsch

    I’m mixed I look white this is legit my hair type natural. Y’all do know that’s OJ’s daughter right ????

    1. Lillie Klitsch

      Jurine Nieddu-Evertsz idk about black features but she definitely got all of OJ’s features ????????

  6. Cheerioz Young

    Aint Nothing in this world like a black woman , they can copy cat but will never be! I like Khloe tho lol

  7. Judy Minter

    Yall know that OJ’s daughter so she kool. She and her baby sure got his features!!

    1. Loca Ortiz

      What people don’t understand is that Beyonce wanted that Diana Ross hair the whole time

  8. Genesee Jackson

    I like the black and white pic…I think she wants to look anything than what she is, whatever that is.

    1. Estefania Cano

      lol ask all black man prefer white woman like u…and l prefer real black man like african man no lazy american man …

  9. Janna Bnwmade Fayson

    We are fixated on the wrong things. Shes using her money to look like this why do we care???? How about the 2020 Elections?☝️ or the fact that we need MORE Black Doctors so we can feel safe in the hospitals☝️ or the fact that Economists say that Black people’s net worth could be ZERO by 2053

  10. Maferefun Oyã

    She needs to learn to love herself for who she truly is and stop trying to be something she is not……IJS

    1. Trés Belle

      Maferefun Oyã I Think that’s what she’s actually doing. She’s oj Simpson’s daughter

    2. Danielle Diaz

      Her bio father is Kris’s old hairstylist, Alex Roldan. Google him. She’s his twin. And not just in one photo but in many photos.

  11. Mon Cherie

    She is a minority. She isn’t white as it is!!!! The KKK wouldn’t approve of her. Focus on elevation versus degrading people.

    1. Raeshawn Harris

      Tara Marie Antoinette no she doesn’t they don’t have any relation, lol that man said stop spreading that rumor because that isn’t his daughter, you know how many folks looks like someone but doesn’t have any relation.

  12. Mignon Rodrigues

    So she was on her way to Diana Ross birthday party, where she wasn’t the only one who dressed up. ????‍♀️ #youpickabdchoosewhoyoujudge

  13. La Evans

    Sooo, what about black people that channel Marilyn Monroe? Just stop this shit.

  14. Carolyn Hicks Steele

    Many black women wear too much weave to be talking about anyone wanting to be black just because they wear a black hairstyle. Besides, the hair above looks like a mixed person’s hair.

    Others say black women want to be white when they wear blonde hair, especially. If women want to look like another race, they would start with the SKIN. If they do not change their skin, they are not trying to be another race.

  15. Marlene Saffice

    Like. The. Hair. 🙂 when I was in teen yrs 75ish. I. Would. Braid little braids. – take out. Couple days. – poof. – or. Use. Lots of sponge curlers. Lol.

  16. Kiki Drake

    Omggggg, so much to do about nothing. She just changed her hair. I’m ya’ll don’t criticize those wearing 22″ bundles, how about when we bleach our hair blonde (my current style), or straighten or natural hair? It’s hair, do what you want. Find real issues that affect your finances, your family, or community.

    1. Ralicia Dunn-Taylor

      I couldn’t listen to all of that. I didn’t know what her point was. I agree that we give it too much power. If black men like it then let them, they are not the black men for me. #toomuchofnothing

    2. Kiki Drake

      Ralicia Dunn-Taylor exactly. Focus on more uplifting articles and healthy hair. Women in general already have too much to deal with.

    3. Christina Petticoat

      No it’s not but when you couple that with being constantly tanned… bigger lips… wider hips and a bigger ass then that’s something else

      Those same features on Black woman have been a source of derision for centuries

      Let’s stop conflating the two

    4. Princess Elvis-Lewis

      cultural appropriation and cultural assimilation are different. Society tells black women we are ugly for having that hair but praises white women for doing the same thing and giving them credit. Then black women turn to the creamy crack that full of chemicals that kill us just to pass as not ugly.

    5. Cheryl Y. Jordan

      Totally agree, I have locks, and if I want to bleach them blonde that’s my money, my business. but what’s the big deal ?!?! Blacks wear all kinds of straight hair styles and colors is that white appropriation?!?! I’m so tired of this topic… For real.

    6. Shannon Miller

      There are just as many non black (including white women) with bigger hips, thighs and darker complexion as there are black women with NATURALLY blonde/straight blue/green eyes etc. There is hardly any eye color, hair texture, body shape that is 100% race specific. So your argument just does not stand. If you just need to be mad or offended so be it. But sorry your justification does not stand the test.

    7. Kiki Drake

      Chelsea Spriggs the same reason people think getting curly hair is a black thing.

    8. Kiki Drake

      Exactly. Like, damn y’all gonna get mad at everything? Nah. I’M not trying to stress myself out over that. We are a standard of beauty, I’m glad it’s being recognized by others, but we definitely don’t need their approval.

    9. Merry Christian

      It’s ignorance, I am blond as blonde can be and I style a natural each and every day, and I am blonde only because I want to be blonde, in the summer, in the sun long enough, some black people’s hair on arms, head and legs turn blonde and some black people are born blonde and that’s all over the world, black people who like blonde hair is not necessarily a white thing and please be advised people, the majority of white people are not born blonde, the bleach or dye as well. Happy Easter and stay blessed Chelsea Spriggs

    10. Christina Petticoat

      Shannon Miller yea there are non Black women with those things… but name a race with those things who’s gone through what Black women have with those features?

      Again….. no one is sitting around angry and not living life but to act like dark skin… big lips etc aren’t seen as ugly on Black women while being celebrated on non Black women is a lie.

      If you don’t see it then it’s because you’re purposely being obtuse

  17. April McLeod

    Well when she gets mistaken for a negro and her money and privilege won’t mean anything out here on these good streets …she will take all that off

    1. Nette Rod

      Krista Keller Cooper i bet if you checked your DNA their is black in it!!! ????????‍♀️

  18. Brandy Gilliam

    Because white people don’t have big, curly hair naturally too??? I know she doesn’t, but who the hell cares. Good grief.

    1. Merry Christian

      Is that your natural hair or hair you bought, tell the truth and sham the DEVIL, at least KK is very pleasing too the eye, unfortunately, can’t say the same for you????

  19. Kendra Latrice

    Can we all just agree that the black women often appropriate the white aesthetic, and most whites often appropriate black culture in general. It’s a give and take-take ????????

    1. Kenya W.

      Assimilation due to white supremacy and appropriation due to white arrogance and entitlement are NOT THE SAME THING

    2. Danielle Diaz

      Uhhh Kim hates herself, there’s a difference. And Tiny’s very much a bad example, considering her mama’s white….which also makes her white.

    3. Kendra Latrice

      That is very much a no. Since she is biracial, she represents both black and white and the reason why she is a great example. She openly chooses to oppress the less desirable aspects of each ethnicity, while embracing the “trendy” ones.

    4. Danielle Diaz

      She’s still white. It does not matter. So what if she chooses to wear blonde hair, she has that right. That’s the beauty of being biracial. She’s able to flaunt whichever side that she chooses, whenever she chooses. We don’t get to decide that for her. So again, choosing someone who’s half white is still a bad example. All these fully black women in the world and all you can come up with is Tiny ??? If you’re saying that black women appropriate white women, I would think you’d have a longer list and a better list. And not someone with a causation parent.

    5. Afia Griffith

      Blonde hair and colored eyes aren’t exclusive to white people. Even straight hair isn’t exclusive to them. Everyone else is allowed to explore coloring, changing their hair and contacts but when we do it we are appropriating things African DNA can produce before White people came into the picture??? Huh?

    6. Michal Upchurch

      Assimilation is not what Lil Kim is doing nor Tiny nor any other black woman with bundles of long blond hair and blue contacts.

    7. Afia Griffith

      Assimilation is the absorption and integration of people, ideas, or culture into a wider society or culture. Didn’t Black women have to assimilate to the white workplace by straightening their hair? Generations of Native Americans were taken from their tribes, adopted by white families and forced to assimilate. Generations of Mexican Americans and other Latino immigrants stopped speaking and teaching their children Spanish so they wouldn’t be teased for having an accent. Lil Kim and Tiny are poor examples to defend blonde hair and blue eyed Black women, when self hate/insecurity or aesthetic/vanity speak more for their motives. The point is why aren’t we allowed to explore the full range of the beauty industry? Other people are appropriating us simply because we are denied jobs, detained, and ridiculed for these styles while others “stand out”, monetize and recieve credit for the things that come naturally to us. Do we need to bleach our natural hair for it to not be self hate? Stop it.

    1. Nathalie Clusiau

      Seriously Diana Ross is all about BIG HAIR. Yes, she is a black woman but it was an event to celebrate her. So she wore this wig to celebrate a legend who has big hair. Anyways she rocked the hell out this wig anyways.

  20. Victoria Wilson Lestrange

    In that picture in the left she looks like Wendy Williams a little bit. Otherwise, getting a perm isn’t going to make Kristian Thompson stay loyal so ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ who the f**k cares.

  21. Brianna Theus

    What’s the difference between this and black women wearing weaves that are not their natural hair texture?

  22. Seani Sweets

    There was no conversation when she got her ass done … so we care about hair? .. Bye Felicias

  23. Ieasha Dotson

    Y’all are so judgmental, Petty, immature, and easily manipulated… Y’all let the media trick y’all into disliking her image.. A bunch of followers.

    1. Tash Motley

      Kimchi Bear she look just like them folks… his daughter and Khloe are twins before she got all this plastic surgery done. Her daughter is the only one that look more black out of all those kids and other kids have black fathers as well… Khloe is half-black… OJ is her father… And you wasted your time telling me anything other than that. LOL and… I wholeheartedly understand why she don’t want to claim him as her father… I will want to either!

  24. Nici M Smith

    When we relax our hair should they get mad at us? Do you Khloe and whoever else because I’m going to do me whatever that may be

  25. Tea Bee El

    Smh these wh**es want everything black but the struggle…glad those Black men are giving them a lil piece of sum Black women’s struggle

  26. Tara Schram

    Clearly she gets braids in her hair all the time. Taking them out does this to anyone. It’s hair get over it ????????‍♀️

  27. Queene Shadae

    She looks Spanish. Whatever the case maybe that’s her choice. Media looks for something to argue about and we fall for it every time

  28. Cheryl Thurman

    Black girls lighting up they skin. White girls darkening their skin. Men becoming women and women becoming men. What’s next. ???????????? cats will become dogs and dogs become cats ???????? #Rp

  29. Taryn Williams-Cobb

    Women who keep doing this is because of they not secure in their whiteness . Especially that family! White people are totally obsessed with black people they won’t say it but it’s just as plain as you can see. The fact is they know we kings and queens and our skin is beautiful.
    They look like fools! White women like them actually think they can replace us and they simply CAN’T

  30. Merry Christian

    Don’t care what color she is, she a beautiful girl, some blacks want to be white, so I see nothing wrong with some white’s wanting to be black, haters will always be haters and should be ignored. Show some love for KK❤

  31. KDenyce Butts

    Who is she suppose to be? You want to be us, want our men, want to copy everything black people are. But you’d raise every devil in Hell if we wanted to move next door to you.

  32. Amy Ann

    She didn’t use black face. So now white people cant dress as black people for costume parties and Halloween?

  33. Shana Peppers

    Foh it is a damn wig/extensions. Black women out here buying wigs/extensions and wearing em. Idgaf about the Kardashians but this shit is ridiculous.

    1. Fahimah Brown

      But when we wear them or our natural hair we are told that we look unprofessional or unkept!

  34. Mookie Johnson Pepp

    She’s trying to hide the.
    O.J On her Chile you the only one of your mama kids that’s really black don’t cover it up????????‍♀️

  35. Misty Shade Bass

    Stop entertaining them. Stupidity at its best. The athletes give them enough meaningless attention. Everyone with a tan or tone AIN’T Black either people.

  36. Ginna Thurmond

    Mad for what?? Gimmie some Kardi money, I’ll be on a island somewhere with my bags packed and my fingers chunking duces

  37. Rachelle A Cunningham

    A black womans beauty, strength, tenacity, loyalty and courage can never be replicated. We just have that special sauce????????‍♀️

  38. Zulma Brooks

    She looks like one of those white chicks who use to frequent Studio 54 back in the day. She looks Disco Retro to me, nothing black about it. Stop the petty picking and focus on real world issues that have nothing to do with her clan.

  39. Erika McGaughey

    But if we were to just ignore them ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

  40. Malikia Daniel

    Omg! People it’s okay she is human to. We wear slick fake hair knowing damn well our hair don’t look close to that (some of us). White people can’t tell us nothing Rt? Come on you guys let people do them and we do us. Enjoy y’all day tomorrow.

  41. Stella Groove

    Well yall keep saying OJ her daddy and now yall mad because she is tapping into her black side????????

  42. Spankx Kriss

    Hmm the hypocrisy is real!! I don’t see many black girls cherishing they curly.. All about wigs,straight blond n many more but u want to get upset when someone else rocks it..go kk!!

  43. Regina Green

    Non factor it’s not serious it’s a hair style. Black women do it all the time so we can rock bone straight hair but they can’t wear curly or wavy come on now. I’m not a fan of them but this is reaching let it go.

    1. Tynesha Cee

      I was finna say the same thing. I’m just saying. Her baby has a darker skin tone too!

  44. Crystal Woodson Reid

    Really who can get mad?? Everybody scream natural but either silk press it or cover it with Indian or Korean hair with baby hairs….know yall ain’t had no baby hair since you were 2 months ????‍♀️

  45. Marilyn Barber

    Not suprising, they borrow everything else from black people, family got rich off a black man (OJ trial) they only date black men, the been had surgery to create black features ,they been rocking weaves and wigs so nothing new

  46. Jennifer Batiste

    This is the issue…the media gives that family way too much credit for everything black.
    Stop allowing them to circumvent their whiteness!
    Just because you sleep with black men doesnt make you, as a white woman, entitled to shit!
    You want curly hair, big lips, a big ass have at it but understand if what you frantically paying for didnt come from your gene pool your desire to be black is useless.

  47. Patsy Asomugha

    Will people allow people to be who they want to be/look like/represent! There is no such thing as to eaches own Race! She is Lovely & if she chose to Bear a half breed child that makes her Black Proud of her Child. Everybody have to be So Divided & Negative & Judgemental! GYFOH!!! Maybe Black Women shouldn’t wear wigs to look unnatural but what do you say about that! Put that in your Pipe & Smoke That! #Haters

  48. Dee Dee Jolivette

    Real story of her look not even stated. It was a costume party to Diana Ross’s birthday. I personally really can’t stand the lot but my annoyance is more from media glorifying them. So I’m not defending her look nor do I care. I think she choose to stay blonde with the fro knowing the backlash she’d get if she truly went full ms. Ross and wore a black wig.
    What’s next, people saying she chose to have a black guy to father her kid to hid the fact SHE could be someone’s daughter ????????

  49. Marie Rhodes

    Lets stop giving these people energy. There’s a difference between synthetic & 100% human hair bundles… Once you’ve had them both you know what’s WHAT.

  50. Theresa Brown

    Ain’t that OJ daughter? Is she embracing her black side? ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????????????

  51. Hangi Betty

    Black women should sit down and shut up,specially those who wear them damn wigs and bleach their skin. We black women are all over the place with white women hair texture and shit but when white do cornrows or something else, blacks tend to clap like fishes out of the water.

  52. Mo Jas

    I could care less what she does with her hair!
    Cuz tomorrow I might wanna be a blonde! And that’s my choice..

    1. Merry Christian

      that’s what I’m talking bout, love you girl???? Mo Jas has just said it all now y’all should shut up????????????

  53. Kaila La-La Gaston

    As a black /brown woman we get so degraded so much when several cultures are trying to take or lest not take our culture away from us. IJS

    1. Estefania Cano

      lol… u have african culture like my kids ? I just living in Nigeria …or u think u are american and Better …u r african ask me about ur culture and teach u ..no sense

  54. Kendra Conwell-fuller

    I can’t with this video!! ???? whomever came up with this complaint!!! How DUMB do you sound for being mad with someone else decision to try new fashion/styles etc. THEN say what black people don’t do and make money (lil Kim) girl go sit down and find something productive to report you sound too stupid with this.

  55. Cece Jaxx

    I think Alex Roldan is her father…… Kris’s hairdresser. She looks just like him.

  56. Miesha Parrish

    People don’t even recognize her until you read the caption. They know exactly what they be doing—any publicity is good publicity to them.

  57. Laurene A-Mcloud

    I personally don’t think khloe is, to me, a lot of people use black fishing to come up and get opportunities however khloe gets them because she’s a Kardashian not because she rocks black features. Everyone knows her race there’s no Dispute, she has never mislead someone about her race, she just rocking a fro look because the fro is beautiful! When us black woman straighten our hair we are still black women and when white women curl their hair they are still white women. (This is not in the sense of misleading or they are elusive about their race, take opportunities from black women because they intentionally blackfish)

  58. Clara J Bonnick

    Ffs, why are people crying over this, she did it to go to Diana Ross party… Its no biggy, next ????????

  59. Ta Leisha McDonald

    Why be upset.. she’s rocking the same hair we stuff under wigs and put straight hair over …she looks great… and if we embrace our natural hair this wouldn’t be as upsetting to some of you… ????????‍♀️

  60. Bri Bre

    This is pointless…. It’s hair a damn wig black women wear wigs all the time and pop it off when we get home…well I take mine of as soon as I clock out and sit right in the back seat…this article was a waste

  61. Shari Robbins

    Hell at this point, why not? Black women are wearing straight blonde weave for whatever reason.

  62. Monica Clemons

    I love seeing all my beautiful sisters being honest with their “who cares”!! How many times are they going to try to start mess about her hair style choices? Remember the braids? Imitation is the highest form of flattery and is a peek into the future of all those mixed Kardashian’s IMO. No plastic surgery required ????????

  63. Latoya Becks

    She did it as a tribute to Diana Ross so whoever wrote this article needs to get over it. Plus she was at a Diana Ross bday party.

    Everything ain’t black and white

  64. Jus Mone

    Naw I ain’t mad she half black anyway everybody knows that’s OJ daughter????????‍♀️

  65. Marquita Favored

    Everything is a PUT ON..lips..breast..hair…butt..Im waiting on her color to change then I might say something lol

  66. Sommer Ragsdale

    We don’t know who Khloe daddy is hell Khole don’t even know who her daddy is shit let her be she been down ????????????????????????

  67. Sylvia Yarborough

    I’m not mad. No skin off my nose. I do wonder if she’s happy with all that work and life. Ah well. Then I flush and no longer think about any of them. #???? scrolling.

  68. Nyca Anthony

    Everybody wants to be what they aren’t, and have what they dont…the world would be a better place if everyone learned to love themselves and mine their own damn business ????????‍♀️

  69. Yolonda White

    How do we set a standard? Many of us have rainbows in our family. We have twins that are 2 different colors and 2 different hair textures. I was never taught colorism until I was grown. Our mothers may have type 3 hair and we do not. I am not mad at this becuase it is systemic.

  70. Mona Gail Doucet

    Wth,is wrong with folks, she can look the way she wants too! So many times people are focus on the wrong things!

  71. Polly Herd

    Really, is this something to complain about surely, nowonder they keep saying we complain about each and everything.

  72. Ebbie Braggs

    I don’t think she’s a Kardashian anyway though I probably OJ’s daughter ????????‍♀️

  73. Akua Daps

    Honestly they try too hard, but imitations don’t compare to the real thing ????????‍♀️

  74. Melanie Pennington

    For any weave wearing sistah that has a problem with Khloe’s weave but yet the weave tacked onto your head doesn’t even match your actual hair texture….do not say one word!

  75. El Elyon

    This isn’t even anything to worry ourselves about. Let us strengthen our own roots, water our own grass and pour into our own seeds.

  76. Valarie Harris

    Not mad at her but if you gotta change your looks over and over, obviously there is a deeper issue and she may need to talk it out with someone. Hope she discovers herself and finds happiness soon.

  77. K. S.

    Wow! Awesome discussion. Eye opener. Thanks. I’m gonna share this a spark some discussion of my own.

  78. K. S.

    Awesome message. I’m going to share this video and start a discussion of my own. Thanks for this eye opener. It’s time to stand up and out.

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