Mirco Link Extensions With I-tip Hair On African American Hair [Video] Do We Like Them?



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  1. Nicole Annette

    They said she was wearing fusion hair extensions before. Well obviously they are not keeping up with the health of her natural hair! Yikes -_-

  2. Lovail Burton

    No. They should’ve added the extension hair underneath her hair. The top of the extension hair was sticking out above the clamp. It didn’t look too secure.

  3. Daphne Dantzler

    Just get a weave, it would last alot longer and look better. He said in the video you can’t oil your scalp or even wash it. No thanks.

  4. Nelson Porsia

    If she can’t grease or oil her scalp for 3 months, she won’t have anything left by time she has them removed. I couldn’t do it.

  5. Danielle Jason

    I’ve seen it before and it looked nice but the lady I’ve seen it on had thicker Relaxed hair.
    Just not a good extension option for her I feel.

  6. Rose Armstead

    I like the idea. You can wash, blow dry and flat iron it. I don’t see how these links would cause damage to the natural hair.

    1. E.J. Bernard

      She can moisturize or oils her scalp. That’s damage right there. Our hair is naturally dry you need to put something it it.

    2. Rose Armstead

      I don’t think that is a blanket that covers us all. My hair is not dry. I don’t use oils on my scalp.

    3. Darlene W. Ridgeway

      Others need some type of oil on their scalp. And clearly from the look of her hair before, she needs it. And she also need to stay away from that weave. Get a good trim and watch God do his magic.

    4. Rose Armstead

      I only speak for me. I like the idea. And I will try it. If it’s not for you then it’s not for you. I also think We need to stay away from offering advice unsolicited and religious views. That’s how We get off track and cause more harm than good.

  7. Jaelyn Proctor

    I’m sorry but that is not a good option for her hair. It would look better if her leave out wasn’t so damaged. Plus, without moisturizers or oils for 3-4 months, her hair will break off worse than what it already is.

  8. April McDowell

    What’s funny is, I just read this article, that says people who are natural have low self esteem

  9. E.J. Bernard

    I don’t like this at all. It had potential to look good. But at what cost? Can’t oil or moisturize tour scalp? Ever? No thanks. Her hair will fall out and break off in no time.

  10. Sandra Brooks

    Everybody’s trying their best to do black hair, smh. Can the black community keep somethings to ourselves please.

  11. Jamie Carter-Bailey

    Poor thing , if you’ve been getting relaxer and arent retaining length. By the look of her hair its severely over processed, brittle and damaged. She needs protein and deep conditioning treatments and she needs to extend how long she relaxes her hair. just say no to heat and yes to actual protective styling. Smh. I’ll pass!! #dominiciansonly #yesitsshade

  12. Monette McLin

    Just flat out NO! She needs to go natural, because her real hair looks like a permed mess (like mine used to; trying to “save” a bad perm). This will not help her real hair at all, and I seriously doubt these stylists even realize this!

  13. Renee Braddy

    I’m sorry but this isn’t for me. 1 he broke out pliers! 2 you can’t oil your hair or scalp just the ends. The ends are extensions. 3 even the weave hair looked plastic. Get a sew in if you must!

  14. Janika Martin

    I’d rather have a sew in there’s no purpose in this… It doesn’t even blend with her hair…

  15. Tae Moore

    I am sorry but that looked a mess! Her natural hair looks very unhealthy and it did not even blend right! Sister should have gone to a Black hair salon!

  16. Ebony Colbert

    Her hair looked aweful before and after..she going to be bald when she takes this out..no oil’s no shampoo no moisture she is doomed!

  17. Andrea Angie Tater

    That’s a bed for fungal growth if you CAN’T wash or oil the hair and scalp for three months the oil naturally produced on the scalp and dirt will become waxy.

  18. Cb Sampson


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