Man Weave Transformations

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  1. Anonymous

    Ok, so I’m all for added hair because everyone wants confidence. I get it, really I do. I think this is doing too much though. Not my head, not my business. If he likes it…

    1. Anonymous

      Looks like they added makeup as well, i mean his face looks beat! ????????‍♀️

  2. Anonymous

    Amazing! That weave got rid of his wrinkled forehead, bags under his eyes and changed the shape of his ears.

  3. Anonymous

    Where did the hair in front of the piece come from and where the f**k did he get a time machine lol

  4. Anonymous

    I think this is amazing. Why shouldn’t men get weaves to boost their confidence too!?

  5. Anonymous

    If an older man 50 plus gets the weave and looks younger. Then misrepresentation because his performance will not be younger.

  6. Anonymous

    Now some couples PAYDAY will be crazy because they have to decide who getting they weave done first…lol

  7. Anonymous

    Good job …… but I would feel some type of way if my man had this done‍♀️

    1. Anonymous

      I agree. Also most black men look amazing bald. Guess he thought differently.

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