EASY Crochet Box Braids ~ No Cornrows! Versatile Styles! [Video]


Purchased hair from BSS
6 packs
Model Model
Color #1


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Laura Marie

Seems like more work than cornrows but maybe it’s just me

Ashley Allen Chandanais

Everybody been doing this, maybe i need to jump on the ball too, i do like this look though

Alycia M. Ward

It’s more work but it has parts that regular crochet doesn’t have so it’s a cool idea.

Jeana Edwards

Less tension is why i like it

Ashley Allen Chandanais

But the twist seem easier to do then the braids though

Haynes Anita

Tierra King do this for me!

Tamara Carter

Tamira Perry can you do this for me please

Chmil Matthews

That’s so amazing … you know I’m trying this right… that’s genius

Jasmine Mays

Chmil Matthews I was hoping you liked it! I thought it was super amazing! I volunteer myself to be the guinea pig ????????

Chmil Matthews

Ok! What’s crazy is I’m getting Senegalese twists fri

Chmil Matthews

Candice Bogan look

Jasmine Mays

Chmil I’m hoping crochets bc ifs they are real… try this and save your money!

Chmil Matthews

Defly gon try it

Tarsha Echols

Nice gotta try

Cynthia Jones Goings

I like this better. Cornrows pull on my natural hair too much thinning my edges.

AuTisha Turner

That’s Stupid

Angie Miller Raikes

Tried this on my daughter and it didn’t last long. Cornrows make it look nicer and hold up a lot longer.

Liline Pierre

I wouldn’t have the patience to sit there and do this. It’s to tedious for me.

Sonata Hawthorne-Watson

Shannell Hawthorne this a good idea!

Taj Baker

Donnisha Coleman we can so do this

Donnisha Coleman

It looks kinda cool

Mary Johnson

I love it. That’s how i did my hair. It want be pulling your hair from the roots. Your head WILL NOT be hurting.

Grace Bara Kambou

J’arrive pas à voir la vidéo