How To: Crochet Braids Step-by-Step Tutorial [Video]


Learn how to achieve natural-looking crochet braids without curling! I've teamed up with Outre to bring you guys another affordable summer style. Product Used:



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  1. Nakita Moore

    I love crochet braids! Been ding them for s few years. I love how fast they can be done and trying different textures of hair while protecting their own.

  2. William-Tamara Thevenin

    When I lived in California in the early 90s I always Crochet my Daughter hair, this may be new in the East coast, but both West coast you could buy the braided hair and hook it in also regular tracks or kinky hair.. I’m just so happy it is all-over the place now.. Lived there in 96 to 2002 and they were just being to fade out a little because they moved on to the snap on tracks, caps were big back then the fact that so many things are out in many varieties so that everyone can Rock what make them feel Good and comfortable with… Beauty is also what makes you feel good.. B G. Rock.

  3. Carla Tyner

    I keep my hair crocheted for about 3 weeks, take about a 2 week break, then back to the crochet braids. If you have grayed early like me, this is the way to go, to avoid constantly dying your hair or wearing a wig. Genius!

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