Bantu Knots With Thread on 4c Natural Hair: Heat vs. No Heat [Video]


Hi everyone. Here’s a tutorial on how to do bantu knots with thread on freshly washed natural hair. I did the African hair threading technique to stretch my hair, then wrapped my hair with bantu knots. Here are a couple of videos that will help you with hair washing or African hair threading.

1. Especially hair Moisture Foundation
2. Weaving Thread
I used my especially hair moisture foudation to style my bantu knots. First, I started on hair that was freshly washed and almost completely dry. Grab a section of your hair. You can do any size, just make sure they all look the same. Wrap your hair with high strength weaving thread. I got mine from my beauty supply store, but you can purchase online from Sally beauty which is where I buy mine. Wrap the hair section in a circular motion, starting at the scalp. Each turn should go under the last.

Once you do a whole head, go ahead and air dry fro 12-48 hours. Remove the bantu knots, remove the thread and release your curls. I like to style my hair in buns, so that’s what I did, but you can do whatever you wish. That’s all there is to it and thank you for watching and supporting my channel. The especially hair moisture foundation is super hydrating and I’ll tell you all about it later.



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  1. Coil del Rey

    These knots are lovely. I do worry about the tension from the thread, though. Has anyone tried it?

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