Zendaya Coleman Cast As Aaliyah In Biopic – Good Choice?

Zendaya Coleman Cast As Aaliyah In Biopic

Yes I know this isn’t hair related but I think it’s a worthy mention (simply because I was and still am a huge Aaliyah fan). So another Lifetime biopic has been announced and this time Disney star Zendaya Coleman is stepping into the shoes of Aaliyah. There has been a bit of discourse on Zendaya not being ‘brown enough’ to play the 90’s sensation but I think she can pull it off. What say you?



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  1. Dania Thomas

    If her hair is dyed black she has the look and she can sing and dance but she is a bit young for the role

  2. Ashley Joi

    I think she’s excellent for the role!!!! You don’t have to ‘look’ like someone to portray the character!!!!! Like mentioned above she can sing dance and act! And so could Aaliyah! I’m sure she’ll do an excellent job!!!!!!

  3. Mo Cox

    Criticism at its finest. I celebrate all of OUR accomplishments. I don’t hate, I congratulate.

  4. Lech'e Richard

    I don’t know why people are saying she can dance or act because I haven’t seen her do either good???

    1. Kendy Ravello

      Age doesn’t count…I love Etta James and I’m a 90’s baby….she always speak about how much she idolizes Aaliyah

  5. Meek-Mish'ka Spencer

    noooooo. im sure she’s a talented actress but the looks aren’t there. BUT I guess we’ll have to see. Same thing happened w Lil’ Mama as Lefteye…I thought she portrayed lefteye well but we shall see 🙂

  6. Michelle Trahan

    Y’all act like makeup don’t transform people. She’s pretty. They do have different features but once again makeup can fix that. Her talent and ability to portray Aaliyah is the only thing that matters

  7. Toia Cousar

    I didn’t need a close up. I know what’s right and what isn’t. She ain’t IT!!

  8. Daiquiri A. Holland

    THIS is who should have played as Aaliyah. Up and coming actress Lolita Price. She looks JUST like her in every stage, is just as sweet as her and would have done her great justice. The resemblance is uncanny and almost scary. She even has the same teeth and smile as her. It’s crazy how someone can look so much like a person and not be related to them at all.

    As I understand it, Zendaya is being cast as young Aaliyah not grown up Aaliyah.. but I could be wrong.

    And just to be clear, the photo on the left is Lolita. Almost couldn’t tell, could you?


    1. Keys Jones

      Oh wow, I just went to her page and yes, they sure do look very much alike. Some of her pics look a little darker than Aayliah but nothing makeup can’t change. They are both gorgeous.

    2. Daiquiri A. Holland

      Aaliyah herself had darker skin, the media just always made her look lighter. I met her and her skin was like a caramel brown. Not light skinned at all.

    1. Daiquiri A. Holland

      She’s biracial which still isn’t black. So Antoinette is correct. She looks 100% White, same as Mariah Carey. You are only black if you have 2 black parents. Simple as that.

      1. YesB*tchHunty

        That is ignorant (as in uninformed not stupid) and racist (however unintentional), and I don’t care what any of you have say about it to the contrary. YOU don’t get to decide what a person of Bi-racial or Muti-racial back ground considers themselves. By the very nature of their make up they are in a unique position, it is THEIR choice how they see themselves. Their “color”(level of skin tone) does not determine who they are no matter “how WHITE” you consider them to be, in fact no more than the texture of your hair defines your level of african-ess, lateness, asian-ess or anglo-ism . It is their own unique experience and their upbringing which accounts in a large part of how and who they relate to, and untimely where they feel they fit in. That is not your call, so stop isolating/seperating people with this attitude, many bi-racial people already feel like an outcast fitting in no where, you are simply furthering that self doubt within them with this type of mentality…NOT healthy nor is it helpful.

    2. Toro Cindy

      That is ridiculous.. If one parent is one race and one is another then that child is biracial.. That child is not one race or the other.. This is highly offensive..

    3. Antoinette Joseph

      I think I am being misunderstood. I know she is biracial but what I am saying is that she more favours the white race than the black. When I first learnt she was biracial it took me by surprise. I would have never looked at her and said she had black blood running through her veins. Simple as that. Either way it is still poor casting. Just because she can dance? That has to be it. Come on.

    4. Christina Moore

      @ Daiquiri, maybe that is “YOUR” peception of black. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you view it there are many definitions on what qualifies or quantifies someone being black. The 1/16 rule or 1 drop of black or african blood made you automatically black regardless of skin color. It is so very sad when people are judging others by a similar ridiculous standard as their counterparts who would actually disagree with your statement. During slavery times, biracial children were considered black & negroes all the same….
      Education is free…..please educate yourself before your ignorance shows your lack if education.

      1. YesB*tchHunty

        I could not have said this any better, thank you for your beautifully worded and quite educated reply.

  9. Jane Bonner-Dixon

    She may have been the best that applied for the part….. With the right makeup, lighting, and clothing, they’ll make it right

  10. Lucia Yassin

    She’s not supposed to be her clone. She’s an ACTRESS! And she’s an amazing dancer. AND she’s black. Well at least half. Still. It doesn’t matter

    1. Daiquiri A. Holland

      you can only be black if both of your parents are black.. one drop rule is an outdated slave law that people need to quit perpetuating. In no other country would she be considered black, and even here she isn’t; only by black people who want so badly for mixed people to be black.

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