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Cashmera Boyd


Deetria Nichole


Shana Peppers

How did she make that part and hair look so flawless is all I want to know. I just can’t believe it (not literally). Awesome job and skills.

Shar Smith

It’s a lace or silk closure. I wear them all the time. Great investment

Yanaque Berlin

Lace closure hun

Lonique Renee Brooklyn Ryan

Beautiful closure

Bree Ishman

Need this

Jacci Moore

Can I make an appointment.

Tiela Lewis

That’s good work!

Latoshia Gipson

Looks good

Azsha Monique


Cassandra Nanette Johnson


Maya Martindale

Im trying to figure out how she covered the track or is this a lace front

NaKedria KiKi Gordon

Its a closure.

Maya Martindale

Well, damn….she got skills cause this looks

Ieasha Mcmullan

I usually hate the way closures look but thus one looks like her actual scalp

Debi Likesgreen

It looks like she cut and glued little small pieces for the “invisible part” method

Ana Lee

Illusion hairline

Tamika Richardson

A closure

Misty IbShe Ransom

I’m trying to figure it out too

Dennis N Julie Patrizzi

It’s a silk base closure

Kuku Cynthia

It’s a lace closure she used

Shameika Smith

I’m very impressed

Marji Kirkland

Yes real clean

Thandekile Thelmahh Zondo

Yes were dd the hair in the parting come from

Land Rover Johnson

Wow!! Nice work!

Latoya Kaigler

Very nice

Serena Germain

Looks tight. #ouch

Serena Germain

But still looks good

Monét Patterson

That doesn’t even look like a closure. It looks so natural.

Jasmine Page

I wish I could find somebody in Jacksonville to slay like this

Shareefah Bailey

She travels to Jacksonville sometimes

Shuerray Hardrick

Yes girl this sewin is the truth

Bridget Sizer


Zetta Christor

Its real cute… The part too long for me tho… Lol

Novelette Phillips

I’d love to find a salon/stylist in London that does this kind of work

Curlieann Alexander

Same here ?

Novelette Phillips

If anyone in London can do this please holla!!

Nicky Johnston

I do but I’m in Essex

Novelette Phillips

i’d travel if the price was right!

Novelette Phillips

I’ve already had some shysters in my inbox claiming they can do this ???

Tina White


Vella Kennedy-Cook

That’s a side closure. Very pretty & natural looking.

Teekay Minky Mukwevho

How much is the labour and the weave all together?and where can I find this people coz I wanna do it.

Candice Lauren Leak


Tawanda Lck

Where is this stylist located? I need to take a road trip.

Shareefah Bailey

Orlando Florida

Talane Mokgadi

I’m interested too. I will drive for this.

Nicky Smith

Can u ask her where at in Orlando Florida I live here I want that done

Dennis N Julie Patrizzi

My stylist in Tampa does this.. She just did mine 3 weeks ago

Tawanda Lck

You can email her at [email protected]

Beatrice Bethuel

woow! perfect!

Nini Mahanyele

I wish i can find some one in South Africa who can do this. Its so natural

Ninoska Ramos

Anyone who know how to do this in Houston?

Raquel Renee

Laid !

Ayana PositivelySpeaking Stewart

I think she put a u-part in .. Added some concealer.. Wa-la!

Stephanie Montalvo


Shareefah Bailey

She’s a weave master I’ve had a sew in from her

Julia Bishop

nice job

Julia Bishop

who did this

Shareefah Bailey

Kstylesbykendra on Instagram

Iesha My'journey Littleton

Looks like a closure but maybe an illusion part

Shareefah Bailey


Ashley Sy

Yeah but how does it look after a week? Does the lace frontal need to be glued down everyday? Ive seen this picture before and you can see the lace holes when you look closely….

Shar Smith

No it’s sewed down. As you hair grows it moves back… You just slick down the new growth with a little gel and it still looks new.

E.J. Bernard

Yes it lasts for months up to a year. I know some ppl 2 years with the same closure. A little concealer on the lace keeps it looking fresh

Ashley Sy

Also, she can ONLY wear her hair in that part. I wanted a silk closure at first, but nevermins

Shar Smith

That’s not true. I part my hair how ever I want with my closure.

Shareefah Bailey

I’d post a pic of my install that was done by Kstylesbykendra but the post has it blocked. She’s located in Orlando Florida and has an Instagram page

Nicky Smith

Nice can u get her information for me please

Tata Touli


Shareefah Bailey

I have her business card contact information if anyone is interested

Nadine Sturge

Hi I’m interested I would like to know how she did the frontal

LaCondra Antoine

Love it

Naomi Harris

I love this.

Vanessa Owens Myart

Why are you showing the man how women are doing their hair, I don’t think that’s cool!

Mikeisha Franklin

Closures ?

Jae Holland CA

Me don’t like closures

Freefree Rivers

Perfect someone has skills

China Rebel Jones

Where’s the rest of it…sumn is missing how u got that end result cuz I don’t c it in the picture

Audreen Granger

i bet they can only do this in Atlanta…. smdh

Shar Smith

My friend does mines all the time in New York

Audreen Granger

there too!

Ty Anderson

I don’t think that’s a closure I think she sewed it in like that

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