Natural Looking Crotchet Braids @ahykonikdiva





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  1. Kay McLean

    Its crocheted ppl. Her regular hair is braided and then the ‘braids’ are crocheted so they are knotted to her braids.

  2. Kay McLean

    Benetta Anne Share Bliss can u guys do this? My hair is pretty much this but the volume would be nice…

  3. Tanya New Start

    Love this. Anyone know what hair and color that is? Also anyone know a shop that can do this style in Chamblee or Stone Mountain?

  4. Brittany Lee

    How do one suppose to maintain this? Kanekelon braiding hair already tangles easily. I would like to try this but am very curious first.

    1. Mackleen Desravines

      Jordann, human hair is so slippery when you croche braid it. It will drive you crazy when you are trying to keep it no matter how well you knot it. Brittany, there are softer brands of Kanekelon hair and once you brush and blow dry, it’s soft and untangled. 🙂

    2. Kay D Loyd

      I knot Kanekelon braid around a steady bar, then blow dry and untangle it before I crochet braid it. When I am all done i just give it a quick brush to smoothen it out!.. That way I don’t pull my hair when I blow dry and untangle it with the crochet braid in it!

  5. Kelly Jamila

    it’s cute and all but what happens when the wind hits it and you can see your real hair braided under? ^^;

  6. Kashifa OneNonly Callaway

    I loove this… but it would be soo hard to maintain this kanekelon hair…. ive been doing crotchet styles for like 4 mths and I loove them

  7. Crystal Whalen

    Deidra Proudmommy Goodvine I think I’m off like four days straight lol so hopefully you are off in between there

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