Jumbo braids via @narahairbraiding




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Priscilla Taylor

I think I want this next Shay Turner….

Ashley Nicole Philon

Sheacole Marie check these out

Sheacole Marie

Cute af ! I can see me rocking these

Ashley Nicole Philon


Sheacole Marie

I had some similar but not parted like that or that big

Adrian Weaver Jackson

Cute. But looks heavy…very heavy

Renèe Izzard

Yes! They are heavy, i did my hair like this & my neck was killing me. Lol

Jewel Powell

Word. Lovely but painful. Mad heavy. Can’t sleep. That explains her parts. A sister is seeing stars. ????

Charlotte Scruggs

You got me I’m ready sis ASAP

LaQuita Scruggs Ashley

Yes I’m ready girl

Diezel Diezel

Waaahouuuu c est beau

Ny'Asia Spells

I’ll get them next

Tamara Luster

Very heavy! How does she sleep at night

Court Court

Just like you do

Nicole Renee

Very neat and pretty. Can’t see myself running or working out with it but I wish!

Tamara Luster

Right!! it looks very difficult to sleep on.

Keyandra Dangerouslybeautiful Joseph

Pretty but tooo much hair

ReQueita Kitty Cook

This is what I was imagining just real long Briah & LaToya

Paula Spellen Hunte

That look like a headache wait to happen the minute you install those.

Na'Queen Maria Williams

Sasha Amaya i want this done

Tashmahal Storm

Looks too tight … OUCH!

Court Court

Heavy not tight.

NeQua Alise

Yes thats wat i want the big 1s w da triangle parts

Court Court

@blackhairinformation this isn’t @narabraidinghair work… It’s says @yess_idoitall

Donna Marie Slaughter

Too much!

MsDemetria Danielle

Quenecia Moore i miss um already!!!!

Quenecia Moore

Girlllllllllll…….me too.

Bella Donna Di Colore

Thats next

Lauren T Hunter

Okay! Thought about you when I saw this, it would be cutenon you!

Laquita Harvey

I want them, just under that size.

Breanna Webster Brooks


DeAnna Robinson

They are too big and look heavy

Carla Baylor

Melanie Brim part my hair like this when u do my twists over lol

Felicia Williams

How can do this and how much

Latrice Hill


Kayla Jones

I Like That .

Toya Sloan

Jada Melvin u should get this

Jada Melvin

I should

Gisselle Molina Camp

Too much my head would hurt everyday I

Elaine Reed-Anderson

All I can think about is the weight…

Francisca Avila


Trinity Primrose Campbell


Sharrell Johnson

Shadwina Loving-life let’s do these next in red!

Nadia Sterling

They look nice but they won’t be nice on the edges coz they sure look heavy.

Angeline Mukina

Looking good and lovely

Shanaiska Paulina


Anais Gopal

Émilie Imaho ❤

Amber Logan

Donecia Sanders I really like theses

Swiss Hair

France I want to do this.

Porscha Bene

Too big, ill pass

Geosha Thomas

Esh Snow I want these

Carolyn Bolton Travis

Pretty! !

Ashli Isaac

Soo nobody notices her screen being black but she still scrolling

Amanda Panda

What happen to Dookie braids