Gorgeous fall color @viktor_goncharenko




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Kianna Clark

Acacia Smith, puhleeaassee! Can you freak this?

Kianna Clark

Me! I mean, it’ll look great on you too, but um… me first!

Sneakyblack Truewel

Luv it

Cat Banks

Love this! Could u do this LaToya

LaToya Johnson

Lol there doesn’t have to be damage it’s all on how it’s done

Cat Banks

Spoken like true stylist!

LaToya Johnson

???? I’m all about healthy hair no matter what

Brittany Steward

Rosalind Steward this color tho

Nakita Moore

Love this

Yulithia Godley

Michelle E. Clark ❤️❣

Babysista LadyBarber

Look at Meeka Stylez-Hair Hollins this color is beautiful

Rosalind Steward


Tina Tolson

Beautiful I love it

Sequoia Battle

That’s nice but maybe too light on the ends

Cybil Drake

Demetris Morrison love this!

Tammie Odle

I’m loving this winter color

Sheila Voii

Pretty color

Onika Cooper

Akesha Donatien love this

Akesha Donatien

So sweet omg ????????????

Onika Cooper


LaCondra Antoine

Raycie Ramzy…I think I found my haircolor <3 But for some reason I kinda want burguundy right before the burnt orange color.

Raycie Francois

Super cute

Ramzy Gross


LaCondra Antoine

Ya’ll I’m doing this…Now help me find someone to do it RIGHT ha ha..I want it just like this…I wanna get it done by Thanksgiving I Love It!

Jessica Loyd

Omg!!!! I want this color!????

Lenette Spann

That’s Cute

Cynthia Antny


Chiquita Johnson

Prezladyelites Bigbaby I❤❤ this..

Prezladyelites Bigbaby

This is me all day

Crystal Knox Osborne

Dee Guidroz I think I found my color(s)

Stacy Leake

I love this color

Taylor Samone

This is pretty ????

Catherine Barnes

Pretty color

Annie Ross


Dynique Samuel

Anné Montague I dig this color

Monica Owens

Sabrina, I want this.

Erika Gee

Maya MO do this!

Maya MO

DAT joint ca-ute!

Erika Gee

Ikr! Would look cute on you

Janay McCartney

Lacey Kirby you should do this !✨✨

Lacey Kirby

That’s so pretty!! ???????????? i don’t think I could pull it off though!

Sonja Calaway

I love the color

Shanika Phillips-Collier

Princess Bihh I sooooo love this

Korteney Nelthrope

MarTina Kelly look at this

MarTina Kelly

I just talked a friend of mine into doing this since she’s a civilian now… I have to live thru her for now but I definitely love it

Katiesha Livingston

Woukd try in a heart beat

Asha Murphy

That would be dope on you

Dianne Valentine

Beautiful blend of colors

Tricey Trice Wriddley

Ne’va Matthews your new color

Nikki Diamond

Twin Red Beasley this would look great on you

Twin Red Beasley

I love it!!!!!!

Martha Fields

That’s really pretty ????????????????

Debbie Byrd

Look at these colors Ericka Bee. Aren’t they close to your colors?

Ericka Bee

Wow!! ????????????????I love it!!????????????????

Michelle Honore

For me or you?! Lol this is beautiful!

Myosotis Minguel


Carmen Kelley


Jasmine Gambigha

Trop beau MaRielle Williams!

Sommer Reign

TaMesha TO Owens omgeeeee ‼️

TaMesha TO Owens

That’s ????????????get it!!!!

Sunshine Moore


Alvinia Jenkins

Love that color! Wow!

Charisse Williams

Charlotte Williams this is pretty

Charlotte Williams

Yes indeed

Destany Livingston

Tori Jackson you should try this.

Tori Jackson

I like

Lonique Renee Brooklyn Ryan

I love this

Jarvis Lewis Harvey

How you like this color Sharon Faley-Harvey

Tajuana Davis

I love this color pretty