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  1. Jesus Kidd

    She’s beautiful but am not comfortable with the hair. Natural hair (even the most curly) could’ve been ‘represented’ better.

    1. Tina Day

      I think she is beautiful smooth beautiful skin BUT the Hair Style I do not like. A twist out even a Jackie Brown ( Pam Grier)afro would’ve looked better. Love the concept though.

    2. Jeanne Mawudém

      This is black African doll…
      We get our hair done like this too… I think this doll simply beautiful it don’t have to be the way y’all pic it all the time.. Black women of the world come in all shades.. Skin tones, hair etc

    3. Debby Martis

      I wanted to say the same!!! Why not hair. Is our hair so bad we can’t managed and play with it!!!!!!

  2. Contessa Marteel

    Listen… I love black excellence I really do but that hair is creepy. I guess they are supposed to be Bantu knots but no!

  3. Kesha Marie Lawson

    I’m disturbed by the negative reaction to … A fake object’s…hair. We cry about our kids having representation. Others ignore us, so we make our own. And there’s still an issue? What’s next? You don’t care for the fingers? Private areas are not what you’re used to? Get real!

  4. Riana Fox

    Yuck looks like pom poms, would ypu really want to walk around with that lol.

  5. Juanda Clay

    Why so negative, it’s suppose to be a likeness, jeeezzz if the hair was blonde or straight ir if she was bald , it would still be an issue- what do you guys want?

  6. Karen Day

    If I had a doll like that when I was growing up maybe be I might have played with dolls as a young girl.

  7. Kolonel Zunder Monk

    Beautiful features & skin tone….. Glad there’s no Brazilian or Indian Wave on her head, 4 now: shipment to 2 the European stores plse

  8. Bithiah Agyare

    Smh does the barbie dolls you buy for your kids have natural human hair? It’s supposed to be a likeness, I would buy this for my kids instead of the barbies

  9. Debra Clarke

    I love this doll, I want to get 2 of them so that I can give them to my great grand daughters. WOW

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