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Barbara Jean Woodson-Neal


Diamond Durant

To say this doll is on fleek would be an understatement

Dinah Briggs

Awesome! Beautiful

Stacie Hart

Where can I buy this doll?

Natural Girls United, I think they do custom dolls 🙂

LaRhonda Norman

✨Amazing and beautiful

Jerineca McFadden

She is lovely!!

Rhonda Faison


Anita Jones

This doll gave me LIFE!.#ThemBantuKnotsTho

Kadian Lloyd

Eyelashes too fake for me to say NATURAL

Nena Elizabeth

Looks like the chick that sings the ‘Yoga’ song lol

Jesus Kidd

She’s beautiful but am not comfortable with the hair. Natural hair (even the most curly) could’ve been ‘represented’ better.

Sophronia Sang

I agree. It does look a bit cotton-ballish.

Tina Day

I think she is beautiful smooth beautiful skin BUT the Hair Style I do not like. A twist out even a Jackie Brown ( Pam Grier)afro would’ve looked better. Love the concept though.

Jeanne Mawudém

This is black African doll…
We get our hair done like this too… I think this doll simply beautiful it don’t have to be the way y’all pic it all the time.. Black women of the world come in all shades.. Skin tones, hair etc

Cierra Howard

I like the look, but I dislike the lashes ?

Debby Martis

I wanted to say the same!!! Why not hair. Is our hair so bad we can’t managed and play with it!!!!!!

Atika Ford


Clytimas Smith

Love her hair

Alisha Peele

Hair look like black cotton balls….

Tomi Devereaux

She’s beautiful

Denise Wright

Looked like Janelle Monae

Tracie Chiromo

B E A U T I F U L !!!!!!!!!!

Tanisha Danae Goosen Thelemaque

I thought she was real. I was gonna ask how she got her hair to do that lol

Johnette Watson

Looks a lot like Janelle Monae… Beautiful!!!

Roberta Turner

Love the hair..

Diane Hutchinson


Dott Cooper

Her lashes..

Alycia M. Ward

I hate to be the “one” but why does the hair look like cotton or felt?

Claret GorgeousQueen-Alemoh

This is beautiful

Trisha Clemons

Beautiful, Where can I buy one?

Latasha Bryant

Beautiful Blessing this doll

Cheryl Jenkins


Pauline Grant

Omgosh the hair!….

Darknlovley Davis

That doll look just like Janelle monae

Steph Grad To Be

Yes Janelle Monae is a real life babie. She’s beautiful!

Tiffany Washington

Don’t care for the hair and eyelashes

Nat Smilez

Yes! Chocolate drop! Work it!

Contessa Marteel

Listen… I love black excellence I really do but that hair is creepy. I guess they are supposed to be Bantu knots but no!

Kimya Zuwena

Barbie 2.0

KellEy GreenSmoothie Grant-Weakley


Tiffany N. Frierson


Fragile Damaged

I like the hair

Kesha Marie Lawson

I’m disturbed by the negative reaction to … A fake object’s…hair. We cry about our kids having representation. Others ignore us, so we make our own. And there’s still an issue? What’s next? You don’t care for the fingers? Private areas are not what you’re used to? Get real!

Lynn Smith

Had to look twice !
Very pretty

Jonie Wainwright

Love this doll

Nance Anderson

Look like black marshmallows

Riana Fox

Yuck looks like pom poms, would ypu really want to walk around with that lol.

Gracie Strather


Sheri Mason

I want this doll

Juanda Clay

Why so negative, it’s suppose to be a likeness, jeeezzz if the hair was blonde or straight ir if she was bald , it would still be an issue- what do you guys want?

Debby Martis

My problem with the hair is that it’s cotton, kids can’t brush the hair.

Lakeysia Reid

Love it

Nubiti Kami-Cadle

Gorgeous. It’s about time.

Karen Day

If I had a doll like that when I was growing up maybe be I might have played with dolls as a young girl.

Cheryl A. Duffy

I luv it………

Teresa Wright


Kolonel Zunder Monk

Beautiful features & skin tone….. Glad there’s no Brazilian or Indian Wave on her head, 4 now: shipment to 2 the European stores plse