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    1. Tisha Whoo

      My hair naturally red..I like color but some of these are little too much for my liking, to each his own

    2. Tina Waters

      Tisha Whoo we can’t go back to wearing “normal colors” like black, Brown, red because ppl like being different. Young girls like to experiment with hair color and make up. Personally I’m too old to go around with fuchsia hair but I’m not knocking younger women for doing their thing. My nineteen year old wears purple hair, she thinks it’s fun to change hair colors every other month. It’s just hair.
      I don’t see us going back to boring hair any time soon but you and I can stay red and Brown and let them have it. BTW I’m not mad I just think we can all be happy doing us.

    3. Tisha Whoo

      Gotcha. .I too wore those colors when I was a teen…now I’m grown and a professional, there is no way I could or would wear those colors now…besides being naturally red, I get the color without having to color ?

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