Braidless Havana crochet twist



I achieved this style by using pro style gel rubber bans 4 packs of crochet Havana twist and a crochet needle.



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    1. Maney Zenden Blaise Saintil

      The hair used is pre twisted intended for crochet which the name comes from.. They did use a crochet needle to pull the kids hair but im wondering whats the technique for it to hold on to the nat hair

    1. Chyenne Ridge

      That’s what I was thinking. Those little rubber bands are notorious for breaking hair off. So even though the style is extremely cute if those rubber bands that’s a bad idea

    2. Shontecia Murray

      If u take them off properly your hair will not brake. But as for me I prefer to cut them off and not pull them off.

  1. Kimberly Champion

    somebody tell me how to do these today. my daughter wants this. all thats provided in link is a photograph. i need to know exactly what hair to buy and the method used to apply hair to head thanks

    1. Shontecia Murray

      Hi I consider this to be braidless crochet because I used hair that was already twist which is the Havana mambo twist hair and I crocheted it thru the ponytails no braids were done

    1. Maney Zenden Blaise Saintil

      Hum shontecia congrats for that cute style! U doing good! Im interested into knowing ur technique you used for the pre twisted hair to ”stick” to her natural hair ?

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