Beautiful detailed pony by @keystylist





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Laila Montana

Love this

Ardine Paul-Thomas

Nancy Guerrier vacation ideas

Nancy Guerrier

So pretty

Ty Daniel

Kode LovingmyEli Robinson this is so cute

Tina Schultze

Oh my goodness that is very nice ❤.

Tossie S. Garner

You like that

Wendy Gales


Melendez Chiquita


Penny Mills Huddleston

What is used to slick it down

Mary Victor

Gel and edge control

Porscha Bene

Love it

Korynn Williams

Thats cute

Stephanie Long Mosley

DeeDee Long this would be cute

Miranda Green

Amesha McLaughlin I want this

Kenanna Brown


Alicia Sampson

I like

LéLoni Bolden

That’s cute ????

Milaye Scott

That’s cute

Latisha Billups

Teonna Monique you got me on this style right

Kay-Marie Rose

i love this pony tail look Olivia Rose

Ericka Johnson

Terri Jefferson this would be sooooooo cute on you

Emily Peddie

Cassie Cee why is this so perfect???

Micara Madison

I want this style

Georgette Vails

Yes I love it

Dudu Mdzikwa

Beautiful and classy Patience Moyo

Tempestt Nicole

Keyana Williams I want thissss

Keyana Williams


Alisi Carroll

Love it!

Ashley Jones Wilborn

That’s cute

Sally DeLuca Mercurio

Regina Davis, Queen, let your hair grow, that would be stunning in you!!! Love u girl !!!!!

Shirley Jones

it’s nice very urban

Candice Russell

I like plus it’s simple

Kianna Long

Daija Anderson do this to ur hair ❤❤

Tonya Patrice Williams

TaKharii Williams mommy likes, mommy wants

Essence Green

This is cute

Katrina Katrina

So pretty

Sara Minton

I would wear this.

Shayelin Gonzales

I like tht style too!! ????????

Raquel Mackey

Nice and neat

Vadeemia Bond

I like that

Chamecia Gonzales

It is nice!

Nia Nowlin


Sasa Sandrine Jerome

Tay Kaśh just the top would look cute

Mellissa Ferguson

DAngela this is cute

DAngela Ferguson

Yes diane ????

Raven Hendricks

I like this style

Angie Got To Prosper

Junita Edward must try this one

Diane Bailey

Soooo pretty

Latoshia Gipson

Very beautiful I love it!!!

Sabrina West

I want this so bad

BraidsBy RellyRell

I love this simple and cute

Sade Coke

BraidsBy RellyRell yessss

Twanda McNeil

Got 2 do this style

Meirly Birdy

Very neat.