Getting Over The Weave Or Wig Stereotype

Teyana Taylor with long kinky curly hairGot hair envy? Who doesn’t, how many times have you come across your favorite celebrity or just a random girl on the internet with the most awesome hair you have ever seen. Then after further ‘investigation’ you find out the hair you would love to have is actually a weave or wig?

The good news is since it’s a weave or wig, you can actually have it, the bad news is you are probably not into that.

So if the answer to wearing a wig or weave for you is a hardcore no, maybe after a little coercion you might change your mind.

There are actually many benefits to rocking a weave or a wig for a while a few of which are great for the health of your own hair.  Below are two reasons you should buy it while you grow it.

Protective styling

Weaves and wigs are one of the best options for protective styling there is out there. They not only protect the hair from our own excessive manipulation but the cover the hair and protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.

What is most important is how your care for your hair underneath, the wig or install. Keeping your own hair clean, well moisturized and sealed is a great start to protecting your own locks.

Once you have that down, the rest is easy, just don your wig or install your weave and leave your real hair alone to grow in peace. Personally I look at weaves or wigs as a means to an end, you wear them during the grow out portion of your journey and when your own hair is at the length you want you can then decided to never wear them again.


We all love to switch things up every now and then, who wants to look at the same boring hair day in and day out? A wig or a good weave gives you the chance to experiment and to sport something new while not changing a thing about your own hair.

If you like length, make it happen! If you’ve always wondered what you would look like with a short hair style, don’t cut your hair just buy some!

Originally posted 2012-08-31 19:00:52.

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About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Pattigurl Sfl
    Pattigurl Sfl

    I ain’t try a get over it. I’m natural and I rock wigs and weaves and I know white, Latina and Asian women who do the same without shame.

  2. Monte

    Teyana Taylor has 3c hair texture but this definitely a weave because she can go from short to long within a few months.

  3. Cb Sampson
    Cb Sampson

    Sorry not sold I am not getting anyone rich by selling me something I already have. I refuse to wear someone else’s hair on my head sown into my scalp. They maybe instances wear a wig should be worn chemo or balding but other than that No Sale. More natural black hair salons need to be opened.

    1. Misses Nanna
      Misses Nanna

      Just because u dont do it doesnt mean u should look down on someone for it, I have natural hair like Chaka Khan but who am I to speak on people who dont have as much hair as mine? Not that serious

    2. Cb Sampson
      Cb Sampson

      @barbara I was offering an option to the people who own salons that think without the weave business they will be bankrupt.

    1. Barbara Singleton Outlaw
      Barbara Singleton Outlaw

      why is it when 1 are 2 people do something differ all of a sudden everyone needs 2 do it that way ,,, please ,wigs and weaves are not going any where,,,2 MUCH MONEY IS MAKED FROM IT ,,, REALLY LOOK AND SEE WHO GETS MORE ROLES N HOLLYWOOD

  4. Pattigurl Sfl
    Pattigurl Sfl

    How does it look unnatural? Lots if black women have hair that looks exactly like this and some even bigger and longer.

    1. Misses Nanna
      Misses Nanna

      and hers is a weave…lmao..i agree other races weat weaves and wigs nut of course the attention goes on us …lmao

    2. Jordann Allen
      Jordann Allen

      Teyonna’s weave is more famous than she is. Nothing wrong with it though she wears it well

  5. April Thrash
    April Thrash

    That is all her hair, she dont wear weave because she doesn’t have too. Damn everybody need to stop hating.

    1. Monte

      Why is it hating to speak the truth about her weave. I have waist length hair therefore I have no reason to hate on Ms Taylor’s weave. I am just pointing out the facts. No one can go from barely shoulder length to mid-back length in a few months.

  6. Charlene Jeffers
    Charlene Jeffers

    Pattigurl Sfl wasn’t specifically talking about girl pictured. Referring to weaves down to the feet, multicoloured, shiny and stiff looking.

  7. Ashley Valentina
    Ashley Valentina

    Nothing wrong with it not everyone has to be pro natural , it shouldn’t be praised as trend anyways you were born with it lol should’ve remained that way so team natural vs wigs and weaves is unnecessary do what pleases you

  8. Tiffany Nicole Blackwood
    Tiffany Nicole Blackwood

    This is not her hair. This is weave. If you google Teyana Taylor you will see that she wears weaves. Someone does a good job blending those tracks though.

  9. Amanda Bradley
    Amanda Bradley

    I do believe its takin to far bitches don’t want to go outside if its not a wig or weave in they hair…they can’t even tolerate their own relaxed hair anymore…even that doesn’t appease them…its low key sad

  10. Pattigurl Sfl
    Pattigurl Sfl

    She is wearing a weave and she has never hidden that fact. Unnatural colors and lengths are a trend among all races and ethnic backgrounds these days. Criticize them all.

  11. Angel Noonenobetta Vaughn
    Angel Noonenobetta Vaughn

    I don’t know why women wearing weave, wigs or it looking unnatural effect other people, it dont. If it’s not for you that’s your choice. All races wear it now so people need to cut the crap. Smh

  12. Camella Rose Hearts
    Camella Rose Hearts

    That’s her natural hair this is a older pic of her but she has recently cut her hair just cause y’all some hair hatted hooligans don’t mean ever black woman why a good grain is

  13. keisha

    I actually have a custom hair piece and wig business “lucke by Keisha” you can find it on fb and ig. And I make natural looking wigs. The best point is that wigs ARE protective styles. I don’t put heat on my hair AND I am pro natural. Soooo the myth that women who wear wigs aren’t comfortable with their hair texture is not true. When I want to wear my hair straight, or add color, I wear a wig. No damage to my hair. That’s y. Its much better. My clients love it… If you love wigs, check me out! @luckebykeisha !! 🙂

  14. Charmain Lynise Dean
    Charmain Lynise Dean

    If a person wants to wear them…SO is their right…I wear them and my real hair is long..just like to look different. .people really need to stop judging people….smh…

  15. Blessedfrom Above
    Blessedfrom Above

    I like her hair…I am all natural but will wear a wig from time to time…I happen to like wigs…nothing wrong with weave if it look natural but I don’t do weaves…

  16. Chavon C Genous
    Chavon C Genous

    I do see where some women are coming from. Yes all races wear weaves or wigs at one point but black women take it too far as where they do not know how to care for their own hair. Throughout the day I see about 90% of Black women with weave. Other races maybe 2% if that.

  17. Shanice Goodridge-Flemming
    Shanice Goodridge-Flemming

    Weave is for length only for me. Shorter or longer. All this protective styling, aesthetics and colour can be achieved with my own hair. We should just do what we want to our hair. Black hair is diverse and beautiful. Look at our african people outside of the grid. If they are diverse and have their own thing going on we should too. Weave no weave natural relaxed bald or coloured. You can’t tell me weave is more diverse than my own hair though. Sorry not coerced here. I always hated that actually. That weave you speak is basically our hair straight. We can achieve that with no problems. And weave comes in many hair types all can be appropriated by our hair. BOOM

  18. Priscilla Aprekua Owiredu
    Priscilla Aprekua Owiredu

    I don’t understand the big problem….so the hell what….if she wants to wear weave go right ahead….I’m mean geesh ….this weave vs. natural stuff is becoming ridiculous…..I do both…..and i really don’t care what anybody has to say smh….

  19. Adriene Chung
    Adriene Chung

    I sell weaves and extensions, and the women I sell to, have a health relationship with their hair. Weaves are fun!!

  20. Charlotte Blackwell
    Charlotte Blackwell

    I LOVE HER HAIR!! And I wear weaves and wigs at times and I have a HEAD full of NATURAL hair!! ..Im VERY VERSATILE and DON’T like looking the SAME everyday! DO WHAT MAKES U HAPPY!!

  21. Jennyfer Butts
    Jennyfer Butts

    White rich woman invented wearing weaves all their hair isn’t long and luxurious. ..i am natural n i love a long Beyonce weave i do what i want. Poot if anyone else likes it…. living for others approval DIED IN MIDDLE SCHOOL

  22. Jessie Marie Reed
    Jessie Marie Reed

    Man why can’t we just wear our Hair the way we want to without somebody saying some negative comments! If you not gonna pay for somebodies hair to get done, if you not gonna buy those products to help grow hair and start the natural look why do you care so much? I look good in weave, I always get compliments, and win best hair awards so chill out

  23. Marie Bush
    Marie Bush

    Weaves & wigs are convenience necessities for a versatile look for ladies ‘on the go!’ I’d rather do the weaves & wigs periodically then to cut my hair for a cute short style then have to grow it back out. Don’t have to do the dyes, colors, chemicals, etc and risk damaging my real hair or my scalp. ‘Put it on…put it in…take it off…or take it out! And your good to go!…Plus it saves time too!

  24. Charda
    Charda' Wooten

    Even though it’s not hers she still makes it look fabulous… So I love her kinky curly look, it’s perfection

  25. Cb Sampson
    Cb Sampson

    First of all you did not hear me put anyone down I said what I would do and what’s good for me don’t try to put your spin on what I say cause your argumentative those are my reasons your grown you do what you want but I have a right to voice my opinion

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