My Hair Story – Paola Andrea


Introduce Yourself…

Hi my name is paola 21 years old i’am from Colombia but I live in the Netherlands for like uhmm 12 years!?

Are you relaxed, natural, texturized or texlaxed?

I am relaxed but my hair is not bone straight relaxed because I do my relaxers at the salon with the mild keracare relaxer and if I wet my hair you can see my curls so its more like a texlax is guess.

What’s your story, how did you get to where you are?

at the age of 12 I think my mother relaxed my hair. Please don’t ask me why because before that I had just curly hair I think something between 3b and 3c anyway ever since then I have had relaxed hair. My hair was always long and thick, which runs in my family.

In Feb 2013 my hair was super damaged because I did my own relaxers (super bad) so I cut my hair in the summer and had weave until this year July 1st.

My hair was super long but because I did not do anything with my hair under the weave it was dry so I cut it  little bit. I do not want to transition because I like straight hair even though I love curly girls! My sister has long curly hair past her waist but I am just used to my hair like this.

What is your typical weekly regimen?

I wash my hair once every 2 weeks and the day before wash I do a hot oil treatment with coconut oil and Jamaican black castor oil. I put it on my scalp and I wrap my hair with a foil hair cap then go to sleep.

In the morning I put conditioner on my hair ends and wrap it up for like 1 hour because my hair is dry due to the weave. Then I just wash my hair with Creme of Nature and condition, then I use the leave in of Creme of Nature, then I use the wrap set mouse from Keracare and wrap my hair until its dry.

I then go to the salon to blowdry my hair so I use heat 2 times a month or maybe less because I also do 1 time a month a oil/bun week, and that is when I just put oils on my hair and weave my hair in a bun

Are you happy with your progress so far?

yes.. now that I am starting over but I am happy. hope to see more results

What is your signature style?

blow out hair or my hair bun

How do you ensure that your ends are protected from the elements and your hands?

At night when I wrap my hair I add little bit of coconut oil over my ends and that’s it. I really do not do too much to my hair. and I try so hard to not touch my hair all day

Do you have a goal length or are you more concerned about the health of your hair?

yes I would like to have mid back length but I always say if I had to choose between short full bouncy healthy hair and long thin hair I would def go for short.

Is there anything your hair hates?

To be honest, I do not know yet

Do you have any favourite products?

Creme of Nature and Keracare products I am going to try some other products out

Where can we find you online?

my Instagram is P.Andrea and my Facebook is just my name 🙂


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