Garlic: A Natural Way To Stop Hair Shedding?

Garlic to stop hair shedding

This post is all about the one ingredient every kitchen cannot be without, yes you guessed it…garlic! But this isn’t about garlic being a great ingredient for your favorite Italian dish but rather using it in your hair as part of your regimen to cure shedding.

If the hair found in your brush after a single use can be mistaken for a small weird looking rodent, chances are you are experiencing heavy duty shedding. Some shedding is perfectly natural but it can be a real issue when it is excessive.

I can empathize with the worry you would face if you found yourself experiencing a lot of shedding especially if you have no clue as to what is causing it or even how to stop it.

In the hair community you will often hear that garlic is a viable option for stopping shedding, even to the extent that manufacturers use the spice/vegetable in shampoos and beauty products for this very purpose.

This post will take a critical look at what makes garlic so special, how it can help with shedding and the ways that you can incorporate it in your regimen.

What is shedding

As I mentioned, shedding in a healthy scalp is perfectly normal, as a matter of fact we often lose about 50-100 hairs per day with the number being on the larger end of the scale during the autumn and winter months.

Beyond what is considered normal shedding is excessive shedding or the medical term telogen effluvium and this can be caused by a variety of things including a sudden drop in weight about 20 pounds or more, stress or anxiety, an operation, child birth (called postpartum shedding) and some women experience it if they stop taking birth control pills.

Excessive shedding should also not be confused with hair loss, even though you are still physically losing your hair. The difference is simple, hair loss occurs when there is no chance of the hair growing back until whatever is causing the loss is removed from the equation. For example a woman undergoing chemotherapy will experience hair loss until the therapy is stopped.

Why garlic?

Have you ever heard of allicin? If you haven’t, well it is a sulfur compound found in garlic and in onions. Here is what’s crazy about the compound; it isn’t actually found in garlic until your crush it, that’s where that strong odor comes from.

Since we always crush garlic anyway we tend to reap the benefits of allicin which helps in the the elimination of toxins and stimulation of blood flow to the scalp. The blood flowing near the scalp is exactly what you need to get rid of shedding and help with hair loss altogether. But wait! There’s more! Garlic also contains other beneficial nutrients for our hair:

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About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Tanisha Wynder

    I use garlic for everything. I put it in my top coat or clear nail polish it makes my nails strong and long

    1. Caramel96

      Do you grate the garlic into your polish? If not how do you do it?

  2. Katrice Hickman

    This really does work. To avoid the Gallic smell go to the pharmacy and get the garlic pills (comes like the vitamin E pills).

  3. Shaniah Paige

    Has anyone used the garlic shampoo? Does it Wrk or pills would b btr? Dnt want the garlic smell all over me. Lol

    1. Panama M America

      Yes. on scalp w/ shower cap on for 1 hr or longer and do ur normal wash day routine. some ppl apply the juice on daily w/o washing it out. thats too extreme for me bc end up smelling the place up having it smell like old pizza.

  4. Edwige M. Jean

    This really works and works immediately. I’ve made my own concoction. After I used it for the 1st the shedding stopped instantly. It’s now part of my haircare regimen. Once it’s mixed w/other things and rinsed out thoroughly there barely is a smell.

    1. yala

      ME TOOOOO! ^_^ but I just don’t know how to use it my hair

  5. Darreana Jordan

    The pills don’t have the same effect, I take a garlic clove, chop it up and take it like that daily.. I have been doing this regiment for a while now, I feel better internally and when and if I get sick it’s not as severe, and mind you garlic is good for everything ..


      Even if the pill is strong as a clove.



  7. Trin1gal

    I love this topic. I keep garlic in a bottle of evoo everyday. This is what I use to put in my conditioner every time I wash my hair. This mixture helped when my daughter got some type of ring worm in her head. This mixture helped get rid of it and helped her hair grow back when it fell out.

  8. Julie Brown

    This post was so informative. I have long hair that tends to shed every time a comb even looks at my hair. I can’t wait to try it and hope it works so my husband will stop fussing about my hair being all over the place! 🙂

  9. Sarrah Mrani El Hilali

    I always use garlic oil mixed with my hair masks. It works wonderfully. Don’t be afraid of the strong smell, it fades away when hair is dry.

    1. Jackie Canada

      That’s my problem, I’m going bald. I have male pattern baldness. Will any of the garlic concoctions help? If anybody knows of any success stories, pleas let me know. I just want to grow hair on top and keep it low on sides and back.


  10. Andrea Conquest

    Really I know it was good for you but I didn’t know It stopped hair from shedding mines sheds bad in winter I just don’t like the garlic scent…ewww!!!

  11. Tracey Rolyart

    I just had some fresh garlic on my salad last night I suppose it can work if you ingest it a few times a week too huh?

  12. Miko HairCare

    Hair sheds naturally.. on average, people shed 60- 100 strands daily. it’s a part of the natural hair growth process.. There’s a growing phase, resting phase & fall out phase. Each hair on our head is at a different point in this never ending cycle. Accept what is.. If your hair is excessively shedding to the point where it’s noticeably thinner from month to month, visit a doctor. The problem is something internal for sure..

  13. poupee

    I don’t know about garlic, but I can testify for onion. Have scalp inflamation. It was itching like I have worm in my scalp, pimples sometimes and I used to put onion juice every other day and rinse wiht ACV. My scalp is doing wonderful now.
    The smell was stron, my husband did not like it, but I am free now of itching.

  14. Aneisha DeArman

    I use Alter Ego Semi De Lino Conditioner w/Garlic Extracts, Wheat Protein, Silk Protein for my hair. It can be found on and it works so well but you have to make sure to alternate conditioners everytime you wash or your hair will get too used to it. Check out my blog as well

  15. Ruth Dyson

    I have heard and seen the use of garlic work. I have not personally tried it but my sister has. She has relaxed BSL hair and when it was thinning around the edges she used it and it has helped her hair grow back. It is expected to have some skeptics and that is fine because everything doesn’t work for everyone. And for those who want to try it go ahead, you never know if it will work until you try.

  16. bre

    so i just take the garlic crush them and apply it all over my head straight from the roots to the ends

  17. sravs

    my hair shedding and becoming glossyless can i use this garlic paste on my hair..????

    and iam thinking that it may irritates our scalp is it right???

  18. lecia p

    I guess i should share my success story… for the last two years I’ve been shedding hair like crazy. On two separate occasions I’ve lost hair the size of grapefruit. after that I’ve lost hair every day that’s about the size of a tennis ball.
    I had super thick hair so luckily my starting point makes it less obvious that I’m losing so much hair but I know.
    I’ve tried every essential oil ,every carrier oil ,every vitamin and eating healthy and although I think I slowed it down it never stopped. all I had to do was touch my hair and hair would come out. it was actually very depressing and frightening.
    a dermatologist had no real answers for me except to say there was no fungus or bacteria present in my scalp. she recommended I take more vitamins like folic acid and biotin which I already was taking place every other vitamin in the alphabet! . she made me feel like my hair loss was not as bad as some of her other patients. I felt like she would not validate my concerns so I never went back.

    I heard about garlic oil but I knew I couldn’t stand the thought of smelling like it all day I know they say it can come through your pores and I sweat very easily and that felt like a nightmare waiting to happen. I started researching odorless garlic and I came across Kyolic aged garlic extract that claimed to be odorless ( it’s less garlic smelling but I still smell garlic… just keeping it 100) so I ordered it off of Amazon about 3 months ago and never used it .
    yesterday I finally got to the point where I figured I’d give it a try because I had nothing left to lose& I also decided I would change my entire hair care regimen. I change my shampoo and I added Jamaican black castor oil to my new conditioner. first,. I did notice that the new sulfate free vegan shampoo made my hair super soft then I mixed the Jamaican castor oil with garlic extract into my new conditioner made a paste and used a hair application brush to start at my roots first like I was giving myself a touch-up then I did the ends last. I put a plastic cap on and sat with it in my hair for over an hour when I rinsed it out.
    I couldn’t not believe there were almost no Tangles and almost no hairloss. I went from having a small tennis balls worth of hairloss to what amounted to a tablespoon of hair shedding! I was literally freaking out!! I was waiting for the hair to start to come out. I was scared to get excited I was waiting for the other shoe to drop! I was pulling on my hair gently to see if it would come out in the detangling brush I used. I just knew that it would start falling because my hair falls out so frequently that it mats up in my hair .
    I literally was scared to get excited because I couldn’t believe one application of this garlic had stopped the hair that always came out my hair every time I washed it. I didn’t know if it was the garlic alone ,the new shampoo or the new conditioner or a combination of the three. all I knew is that I could not believe for the first time in 2 years I didn’t have a garbage can full of hair after washing my hair. I had went from washing my hair once a week because I go to the gym to wash my hair every 3 to 4 weeks because it seemed like I was losing hair everytime I wash it and I just couldn’t stand to see that.
    I don’t know if other forms of garlic will work but I will tell you it worked for me and this was my first time .
    I figured I would have to try it at least a couple times before I saw a difference but to see such an immediate difference with one application literally floored me. I almost started crying. you need to try it!!!if it works for me maybe it’ll work for somebody else too!!
    I know I’m more than just my hair but at the end of the day I’m not ashamed to admit I’m also just a girl and I want to have a full head of hair…
    I know how hard it can be so good luck to all the ladies out there !!

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