The Use Of Anti Fungal Cream Miconazole Nitrate As A Hair Growth Aid

Miconazole Nitrate for hair growth

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever tried for hair growth? In the beginning of my hair journey I was willing to try pretty much anything if it meant added growth. My roommate would give me the side eye every time I came home with a new product.

Maybe it’s because I would gush over how this one was “proven to work”. It also could have been because I never stuck to just one and she saw the error in my product junkie ways.

Now, in my wiser hair junkie days, I try to reign back the inner product junkie in favor or a more structured hair regimen. However, every now and then I get tempted by the more “out there” hair tips like the inversion method (which I am currently trying) or adding sulfur into an oil for your scalp (which I have tried).

In my zest for going to extremes I have, however, come across one method that I have not quite talked myself into: the anti-fungal cream miconazole nitrate (MN). If that name looks familiar to you, it is because you have probably seen it at your local pharmacy, most popularly, in the form of Monistat.

Before you totally write it off keep in mind that it is has been used by plenty of women for hair growth purposes and seems to be perfectly safe. With that being said, the hump to get over is the fact that it is indeed an anti-fungal product that cures issues like ringworm, jock itch and, yes, even vaginal yeast infections.

How Does It Work?

Now if you can get over the fact that MN is in fact vajajay cream, the science behind why it could work to boost your hair growth lies in the active ingredient miconazole nitrate. Basically, it kills the hair fungus that would normally cause hair loss resulting in added growth.

It’s structure is also similar to another anti-fungal agent called ketoconazole which has been shown to block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) the hormone responsible for pattern baldness in both men and women.

The idea is that, just as this anti-fungal cream works to rid fungus in other places of your body it works on the scalp too. It is also said to bring more oxygen to the scalp which helps accelerate the hair growth process.

Originally posted 2014-02-21 15:00:48.

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About Ashleigh Nelson

I am Ashleigh Nelson a journalism student at Northwestern University and a part-time hair fanatic. My hair journey began at the beginning of my college career because I decided that it was time for me to finally learn how to gain and maintain healthy hair. The past two years have had ups and downs, but I have learned so much along the way. And now I am here to share my experiences and knowledge with everyone!

About Ashleigh Nelson

I am Ashleigh Nelson a journalism student at Northwestern University and a part-time hair fanatic. My hair journey began at the beginning of my college career because I decided that it was time for me to finally learn how to gain and maintain healthy hair. The past two years have had ups and downs, but I have learned so much along the way. And now I am here to share my experiences and knowledge with everyone!


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    1. Kela
      Kela 'Alek' Tillery

      The reason you lose hair is because when you’re using it, your hair grows at such a fast pace that it doesn’t shed the 150 strands a day that it should. So when you stop using it, your hair just sheds what it was supposed to, but you’ll still see growth. : )

    1. Mimi

      there’s a cream called Daktarin here in the UK with 2% miconazole Nitrate in it.
      “Daktarin 2% Cream is for fungal and associated bacterial infections of the skin and nails. Contains the active ingredient Miconazole Nitrate 2% w/w.”
      the above is the desription, lets get logical, the miconazole nitrate is an anti-fugal cream, it eliminates fungus, you can get fungus anywhere on your skin, and by the above description, the chemical definitely isn’t only for private parts., it acts on fungus on any part of our skin. i think people are only being weird because of monistats name. i gues theyd be happy to use the daktarin version as it clearly says skin and nails.

      1. courtney

        But that not the only chemical in the cream….only god knows what other harmful things could be in there.

  1. Dionne Smith
    Dionne Smith

    Major side effect is headaches but it does work. I tried it once for a month and had about 2″ of hair growth. I decided to stop once I started getting headaches after 3.5 weeks. I only applied 2-3 a week to my scalp. You put in a spray bottle and add water.

    1. Nikita Shukla

      Miconazole nitrate gel how apply on scalp??? Please reply me fast

  2. Candace Cook
    Candace Cook

    I use it when ever I wear braids in my hair, which is often and when I do my hair grows like wildfire!

  3. Ileah Collins
    Ileah Collins

    it’s ctsit’s not that serious and see a doctor. if it works for you, it’s treating an ailment that you have so what happens when you stop?Off-label use can have some nasty effects because you don’t know what it’s going to do to you.

  4. Sherronti
    Sherronti' Flowers

    It works especially if you have a dandruff problem. Bc of the anti-fungal properties to get rid of the dandruff but the headaches will stop ya…

    1. Jaq

      I was thinking the same thing, she has no reason to try it….

    2. courtney

      Or she takes good care of her hair. Everyone’s hair grows, some at different rates than others. But most of the time if u don’t have some type of aliment. If u take care of your hair it will grow. If people stop being so impatient and wait for there hair to grow while taking care of it u wouldnt need some damn. Vagina creme

  5. Dree Shivon
    Dree Shivon

    Noooooo!!!!..I feel like this is going to desperate measures for length. …#negative

  6. Patricia Burr
    Patricia Burr

    Sounds to extreme if it’s causing headaches, obviously it’s not meant to be used on the head, I’d love the hair growth but I’m not that desperate, there’s are other ways to accomplish that ijs.. not tryna wake up one day with vision or memory loss! Due to a side affect that possibly may be discovered a few years down the road.

    1. Zion Flippin
      Zion Flippin

      It ONLY causes headaches if you use it alone. You must mix it with some kind of hair oil.

  7. Tawanda Lck
    Tawanda Lck

    I tried it. Mixed it with natural oils and applied it to my scalp like grease. I used it 3 times and got a really bad scalp infection so I stopped using it. I did it one week after my relaxer. Maybe I should have waited longer. But I’m never trying it again.

  8. Rebecca Tribeca
    Rebecca Tribeca

    Tried it, but I’m not sure it worked for me. Mixed it with an essential oil and it was still really drying on my roots.

  9. Amml Icandi
    Amml Icandi

    I will pass. God made our hair to grow. In his time everything is good. Why add these unnatural chemicals? If this causes headaches and such it’s not good for you. Use at your own risk to your health and hair.

  10. Tywone Bentley
    Tywone Bentley

    We all have tried something in life before that wasn’t pleasing to others..
    You have people who put industrial foam under their skin to make big booties and breast. That stuff isn’t made for the human body. However an antifungal cream used as a topical shouldn’t do as much harm when it’s made for humans. Everything we use have side effects all medications have side effects even food…. anyhow
    There are people who have hair that grows and is full thick and long.. but for other they don’t have the genes of hair growth. U have people who have medium length hair and it stops there. If this is what they choose to do let them… If this will make them feel good.. that’s great… but I can understand why some people don’t choose to go this route. To prevent any future health problems.

  11. Ruth Guzman
    Ruth Guzman

    I’m good. My hair grows fast already so I’m not into all this hocus pocus stuff.

    1. Jaq

      Then there is no need for you to post on this thread…. I don’t get it!! Don’t bash those who choose to use it, they have their reasons for trying it, just as you have yours. They’re not bashing you!!

    1. Zion Flippin
      Zion Flippin

      You must mix it with a hair oil, hair grease, hair moisturizer, or hair leave in conditioner.

  12. Kela
    Kela 'Alek' Tillery

    For the headaches, you’re supposed to dilute it with either water or your choice of oil. That cuts down on some of the affinity of the strength.

  13. Vernesha T Brown
    Vernesha T Brown

    When the side affect start… That mean you using to much… And you have start putting on the less… Say you put 3 time a week… Make it 2 times a week… It 1 times a week… And you can put to much on… You don’t need a lot…

  14. Candace M. Chambers
    Candace M. Chambers

    Try Jane Carter scalp solutions or mix your own- oils like ylang ylang and rosemary are known to grow hair BUT be sure to mix with a carrier oil like jojoba or olive oil…this is a must to mix with the carrier oils….just google essential oils mixed with carrier oils and it will give you the correct measurements. : ) **google is a scalp**

  15. Melissa Hunter
    Melissa Hunter

    Lisa Spice If you want to rid of dandruff for good, try using tea tree oil by adding it to your regular hair shampoo. It will help a lot, plus it is all natural. Not to mention it helps prevent head lice if you have any children.

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