A Recap of a Few of the 2015 Grammy Hairstyles [Gallery]




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  1. Cassie Gardner

    That’s beautiful! !!! women got that much hate for that woman that yal coming at the owner at the stat because it’s Iggy. If Bey or Ciara rocked it would you be pissed as much. Damn, we as black women can be such a bitch with no chill. You don’t have to like her but damn. I doubt she thinks she’s the origin of hip hop. Just terrible!

    1. Shawnie Shaw

      She did try to shit on other female hip hop artist. But her hair is hella nice. I love it

  2. Khandi Owens

    WOW!! After reading these comments about her, I’m scared to say that hear hair looks cute! LOL!! Goodness you guys, is she really that bad?! lol

  3. Shawnie Shaw

    Her hair style I really enjoy. Got to give credit where its due…however she sucks..but I would rock that.

  4. Almighti Whitley

    Her hair looked a mess. It was all frizzy and shit. Someone didn’t lay it right. Now on a black person hair it would not have been frizzy, because we know how to lay it right.

  5. Lenora John

    If a hair style is cute it’s cute. It’s crazy how black women will wear any hairstyle weave included and talk about wanting recognition for being beautiful. If white people started complaining every time we wore a “non black” hairstyle we would be mad. Let’s jump off the high horse. I love how beautiful we are as a people. If other people want to promote our style fine.

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