10 Razor Chick Of Atlanta Cuts To Die For [Gallery]



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  1. Nikita Wright

    I’d like to know where is your shop located at I would like to come get my hair fixed Nikita 678 8871265

  2. Nickesha Ramsay

    This is so fly…wow..wish you were in my country. .amazing. ….my hair is just growing back..and I would deff cut again OMG! Hot stuff.

  3. Carmella McCoy

    Her prices are ridiculously high tho. I’m going to Danni Dutchess or ibrowqueen for my razor Bob.

  4. Michele Thomas

    oh i did…nd my hair aint that long..i’ll walk oht bald headed for sure,get too scissor happy lmao smh

  5. Nana Evans

    I am truly impressed the short style you did on the girl from Atlanta l kept looking at that and l kept saying whoa how beautiful.

  6. Ty Xex

    I love that color I’m doing that on someone soon. I think that would compliment u very well

  7. Ahjahla Hayward

    I hope that’s a weave cause i’d be pissed if my hair was that long and some one cut it like that cause that’s an ugly growing process

  8. Antonio Veasey

    I’m out of retirement and ready to get down. got a photo shoot scheduled in 2 weeks thinking about find a new location

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