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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Sabrina St JusteSabrina St Juste says

    I don’t see anything wrong with his hair either . I don’t get what’s so funny. If anything this is a smart way to have a curly style instead of going into es-curl or texturizers like other guys do.

    • Jennifer CarterJennifer Carter says

      Antoinette, you are certainly entitled to your option. Yet, using the term disturbed to describe how you feel because a man has chose to roller set his hair is questionable judgment. Child molestation is disturbing, the cut in food stamps to millions of families in this country is disturbing, lack of jobs for new college grads is disturbing, and world hunger is disturbing. What a grown man whom you DO NOT KNOW does with his hair to suit himself and not total strangers at best or worse depending on how ya wanna see it is SELF LOVE and SELF EXPRESSION!! Which we all should have the freedom to do. We encourage our kids to go in the world and feel ok about who they are regardless of what people think. Now, if a man with feminine hair doz bothers you then the best advice I can give is “ask yourself why do you even give half of a damn let alone a full one” #liveandletlive

    • Antoinette WebbAntoinette Webb says

      I’m sorry but I can use ANY word I would like too use!! #if it is disturbing ..it is disturbing!!! All the things you have mentioned sound good and all..but unfortunately it is IRRELEVANT ..as it regards to my initial comment!!! THat being because I’am coming from another…clearer view point than what is Normally accepted in SOCIETY!! As all are entitled to their own OPINIONS OR DESCRIPTIONS!! Mine remains the same Hun 😉

  2. Kacellia PatrickKacellia Patrick says

    If you ever watched his YouTube videos…you would see his hair is fly… It’s healthy and better than some others that have been posted on here…. It amaZes me how judgemental some of you are…. Smh…. I like both of them… His take a lot more time and you do get better definition

  3. Eleanor HumphreyEleanor Humphrey says

    What I tell FunkyFresh last week! Thousands of women AND!!! Men! Love this cite! Even though he looks like he’s on his way to church to show off his straws while playing his Tamarin child! Lmbo!

  4. Ashley H-M says

    Great videos. This looks tedious, but its something that I’d love to try whenever I get some time off.

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