2 Ways To Achieve A Straw Set On Natural Hair

2 Ways To Achieve A Straw Set On Natural Hair

Have you ever craved some cute curls? The kind of curls that last for days and just look better and better as the week progresses. There are a ton of tools on the market for curls, everything from rollers, to curlformers and flexi rods to perm rods.

Personally perm rods are my favorite but when you have longer hair, they don’t work as well as you would like. With that said, I would like to thank the inventor of the straw because straws my friends work just fine when your have long or short hair and you can get some awesome curls.

Here is why straws are great for curly sets:

1. They are cheap – You can pick up a pack of straws for about two dollars at the Dollar General or any grocery store.

2. The curls last – If you want to ensure that the curls last, you can always use a little gel or some light hold creams but honestly the curls hold up really well because they are so tight from the straws. If you have fine hair use less holding products, so that your curls can remain light, fluffy and not weighed down.

3. Great for transitioners – This hair style is a great transitioning hairstyle because you can easily blend both textures and not have to touch your hair for at least five days (maybe seven if you sleep pretty).

Below are two very different ways of doing straw sets and either one will give you that super cute coily look. The thing to remember is to make sure you shampoo and condition your hair well before attempting the style.

I say this because you want your hair to last and not dry out without having to re-moisturize, so ensuring that you have a great foundation is extremely important.

Check out these videos demonstrating two very different methods of achieving a straw set and tell us what you think in the comments.

Here WomanInTheJungle shows us how she achieves hers:

And here the flamboyant AfrikanHairGod shows us how he gets an interesting curl pattern with a straw set.

Originally posted 2014-01-19 20:00:46.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Lite Skins

This guy is for realllllll loooool I just died

Trina Hawthorne

im dead too..lol

April PoetryinMotion Rivera

Ya’ll are crazy..lol

Starisha Tinsley

Nothing wrong with a guy wanting curly hair it’s no difference then a guy getting braids or wearing a pony tail.

Kendra Brevard


Keneisha Fountain

Im thinking THIS may qualify as different…as well as that ponytail you speak of.

Starisha Tinsley

I’m not speaking of no fancy or updo pony tail I’m talking about a regular pulled back up & go pony tail… So it’s no difference just like everyone use to get jerry curls back in the day.

Princess Jasmine Charles-Johnson

flat lined just now…..lollllllllll he looks proud too

Valarie Harrison Truly Blessed

Love hers..his hmmmm I question…

Autumne Darkskinnedandlovingit Peoples

So what? He wants curly hair so he has it! Stop being so ignorant.

Jammie Nvme Banks


Annette White

Must try this??.

Tyree Marcell

I don’t see anything wrong with his hair I think it’s hot

Sabrina St Juste

I don’t see anything wrong with his hair either . I don’t get what’s so funny. If anything this is a smart way to have a curly style instead of going into es-curl or texturizers like other guys do.

Patrise Hornbuckle

LOVE his tutorials! Narada Hayes

Antoinette Webb

but why is he posing like that?? #as if the ROLLERS weren’t enough #wow #disturbing -_-

Kendra Brevard


Ena Blue

Because he is being himself.. nothing wrong with tht. Im sure you have ugly faces.

Rutendo D. Magwenzi

Wtf is disturbing about that?

Antoinette Webb

Theres PLENTY to be disturbed abt this!! But u wouldn’t understand #DESENSITIZED BY SOCIETY

Jennifer Carter

Antoinette, you are certainly entitled to your option. Yet, using the term disturbed to describe how you feel because a man has chose to roller set his hair is questionable judgment. Child molestation is disturbing, the cut in food stamps to millions of families in this country is disturbing, lack of jobs for new college grads is disturbing, and world hunger is disturbing. What a grown man whom you DO NOT KNOW does with his hair to suit himself and not total strangers at best or worse depending on how ya wanna see it is SELF LOVE and SELF EXPRESSION!! Which we all should have the freedom to do. We encourage our kids to go in the world and feel ok about who they are regardless of what people think. Now, if a man with feminine hair doz bothers you then the best advice I can give is “ask yourself why do you even give half of a damn let alone a full one” #liveandletlive

Antoinette Webb

I’m sorry but I can use ANY word I would like too use!! #if it is disturbing ..it is disturbing!!! All the things you have mentioned sound good and all..but unfortunately it is IRRELEVANT ..as it regards to my initial comment!!! THat being because I’am coming from another…clearer view point than what is Normally accepted in SOCIETY!! As all are entitled to their own OPINIONS OR DESCRIPTIONS!! Mine remains the same Hun 😉

Loren Thigpen

Thank you. .now I know I can do this on my son to define his curls. His hair is short and he has three different curl patterns/textures.

Loren Thigpen

I don’t see anything wrong with the guy…

Kika Leek

Must. Have. Her. Earrings!!!!

Octavia Franklin

What do you use for natural hair to get it to curl

Shaughnessy King

I love that guy’s hair!! And I totally love how he legit used straws for his hair!! Loooolll.

Melinda IzsoDivine

Looks cute on both!

Naomi Summage

I’d choose my son having his curls over having thuggish looking braids just my opinion

Tabitha Dynasty B

how do braids look thuggish?? lol smh

Carla FierceBlount

I will try this next time I take my hair down.

Patricia Lighty


Maya Dennies

Beautiful curls on both.

Hi-mynames Alicia

This is kute!

Kendra Brevard


Karen Lynne

how long does this style last

Gena Cooksey Chastang

straw takes on diffrent presentation per texture of each individual I really like this

Evette Howard

Lol lol lol to each his own but my man, sons, father or brothers nephews or male cousins BETTA NOT

Kacellia Patrick

If you ever watched his YouTube videos…you would see his hair is fly… It’s healthy and better than some others that have been posted on here…. It amaZes me how judgemental some of you are…. Smh…. I like both of them… His take a lot more time and you do get better definition

Jacquetta White

Who is he? I would love to check out his YouTube videos.

Dayna Mabin

His name is afrikanhairgod on youtube and his personality, hair, and videos are amazing. 🙂

Iluvu-Anaila Marie

i need those curlers

Monica Andrews

His hair looks good!

Marie Green

Did u see my finished hair I put on fb?

Milijah Suga'Cookie


Sheree Eben

I need to try this.

TorrieLisa Jacobs

What’s his YouTube channel name

Jeremiah Imani

Those earring are the best.. the hair pick.. love them.

Audri Ruff

Im trying this

Porsha Daniels

African Hair god is simply divine I love all if his styles on youtube. His hair is much longer now. Super cute picture.

Patrise Hornbuckle

His youtube is AfrikanHairGod

Kacellia Patrick

Afrikan hair god on youtube

Markisha Walmack

I’m jealous

Lozette Clemons

How is his hair not masculine looking, it looks fine to me. Both are beautiful

Inaleagueofmyown Hervey


Pat Turner Jefferson

I am going to try this with my natural locs. Wish me luck!

Chanda Ratliff

I use to love a straw set back in my college days! Been a min since I’ve had one!

Khrystal Bianca

I like hers

Renee Collins

Markisha Walmack…me too! Lol…

Ashley Welch

*scratches head*

Erica Leggz Blue

Loving his curls!!!

Kimmie Robinson

Im not surr if i shuldd be laughenn or not..

Andrea Simpson-Jones

Iluvu-Anaila Mariev wtf does THAT mean?!!!

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