About Erickah

Hi, my name is Erickah and I am a 22 year old college student with a love of graphic design, marketing, teaching, and hair care. I have been on my hair journey since 2009, and what a ride it has been. My hair has been through many stages of relaxed, transitioning, to where I am currently - Natural. I believe regardless of whether a woman is relaxed, texlaxed, or natural, the goal is healthy hair.

Ingredient Lists Do Not Have A Race! – People Have Asked Me Why I Use ‘White Products” In My Hair!

When you first start your hair journey there are almost always skeptics and naysayers. The misconception that black women can’t grow long hair is a myth that should have been put to bed long ago. With proper precautions taken, the goal is achievable. A simple comment as “You wash your hair too much” is already […]