How to SAFELY straighten 4C NATURAL HAIR start to finish [Video]


I had already blown out my hair at home in the before picture. I used medium heat like most natural hair gurus recommend but it was ineffective because of the coarseness of my hair. Due to that, we decided it was best to blow it out (this time we used high heat) again at the salon before straightening. I decided to use less heat during straightening because... 1) I had already used too much heat due to blow drying twice 2) I don't care much for bone straight hair 3) knowing my hair, it's gonna be impossible to achieve bone straight hair without using a lot of heat thereby putting my hair at risk for heat damage. 4) I don't intend to wear my hair straight for a long time. I only straightened it for this trim. P.S: If you intend to trim your hair, USE SHEARS instead of scissors. I'm not a hair guru, I just know how to grow my hair healthy and I try to share my ways with you so we can all have long, healthy hair :)



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