Quick Weave Molding Technique [Video]



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  1. Octavia Boyd ToBe

    Im sorry but that aint the technique she needs to worry about. Needa get on some edges techniques … #Sorry #HadToSayIt…

  2. Nessa Rene'e

    I can’t believe people do this to their hair. Her hair looked a lot better before. Now she looks fake.

  3. Timmicca Moon

    I said the same thing when I watched this video. Like she sure is messing but it came out nice lol Mei Sha

  4. Jeanette Allison

    That’s awesome but I don’t like all the gel. She looks like she has really nice hair. I wonder if you can do that with longer thick curly hair like mine. Maybe corn braided in a circle instead of all that gel.

  5. Chavon Walton

    The end result was nice but there has to be a better way. I don’t even want to imagine the takedown and wash.

  6. Jatiska Shanita

    Picture does no justice, love her techniques I actually watched this video today for first time and my hair came out really good. @madeaboutmeechie

  7. Juanita Waller

    Quick weaves r from what I’m told..quick to do and only for a shirt time @ a week if done in this manner. But you’d benefit from a wig.

  8. Joy Patrick

    I’m not sure why someone would go through all of this instead of just sewing in tracks with closure? That gel will kill her hair. My head itches just looking at this technique

  9. Ni-Ni Patterson

    This is old. I’ve done it with gel and various protective shield type products in the past. You just have to know what you are doing and it can last as long as you want it to, and the removal process can go smoothly WITHOUT damaging or ripping out your real hair.

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