Quick & Dry 30 Min. Wash N’ Go [Video]



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  1. Zahaira Overmeer

    Is there any type of stay in conditioner that can be used to keep it soft. Like right now my daughter’s hair is like superdry

  2. BlackHairInformation.com

    There are many products on the market and many recipes to mix things to your liking. We don’t like to specify any one product because for the most part it all depends on experimentation to see what works; the product everyone raves about may not work for you because every head of hair is different. Is it that her hair is porous (loses moisture easily) or is it that her hair is low porosity (prevents moisture from getting in)? If it is low porosity deep conditioning with heat will help open up the cuticles so moisture can get in. If it is porous thick leave-in conditioners and heavy oils may help seal in the moisture so it doesn’t escape easily.

  3. Joy Blakey- Boles
    Joy Blakey- Boles

    She’s and her Sister’s are beautiful hair guru’s in their own right! Simply lovely presentations ♥️. These women give back in a powerful way. Thanks for representing Blackwomen in a real way! Not only hair, inspiration, healthy life style.

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