Perm Rod Epic Fail – Can’t Win Them All [Video]

Hey guys ! Today is my birthday (but that’s besides the point) !!!! I Decided to share one of my MANY failures with you guys because I like to keep it as real as possible. Not everything I do is successful and I have bad hair days just like everyone else ; TRUST ME ! I hope you enjoy the video guys ! Don’t forget to comment, rate, and SUBSCRIBEEEE !! Thanks for watching 🙂



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  1. Anesha Rhett Berry

    Ho, boy, this is me all the way. I can never get my hair to act right. Hers wasn’t that bad though. I can understand, however, when you think it’ll turn out one way and then it’ll do the total opposite.

  2. Rach Petit

    I never tried the perm rod but i have been afraid of it not coming out as nice but i now not to you so much of product.

  3. Vedejah Scroggins

    I my curls come out way too tight because I use a small roller because the next size up is too big for my length and the curls fall out lol so yeah I think I’ve given up on rolling for a while

  4. LaToya C.

    She should have used a water bottle also to mist the hair when it got too dry instead of so much product

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