Perm Rod Epic Fail – Can’t Win Them All [Video]

Hey guys ! Today is my birthday (but that’s besides the point) !!!! I Decided to share one of my MANY failures with you guys because I like to keep it as real as possible. Not everything I do is successful and I have bad hair days just like everyone else ; TRUST ME ! I hope you enjoy the video guys ! Don’t forget to comment, rate, and SUBSCRIBEEEE !! Thanks for watching 🙂


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Anesha Rhett Berry

Ho, boy, this is me all the way. I can never get my hair to act right. Hers wasn’t that bad though. I can understand, however, when you think it’ll turn out one way and then it’ll do the total opposite.

Alexis Evans-Morris

Cantu and Eco do not mix well at all!

Nicole Pride

Not at all..i had to go through an epic fail style to find that out

Bess Crawford Fredette

Poor thing

Rach Petit

I never tried the perm rod but i have been afraid of it not coming out as nice but i now not to you so much of product.

Britt'Lee Jordan

She should’ve did a Mohawk

Erinne Palmer-Mitchell

Definitely. That’s my go to style when my twist out fails or starts wearing out.

Britt'Lee Jordan

That would’ve been better then the hat

Britt'Lee Jordan

Or pinned one side up

Vedejah Scroggins

I my curls come out way too tight because I use a small roller because the next size up is too big for my length and the curls fall out lol so yeah I think I’ve given up on rolling for a while

Shawande Mull

She used to much stuff in her hair all she needed was a puddle

Jenny JackJack

It turned out bad because she used a boat load of products…

LaToya C.

She should have used a water bottle also to mist the hair when it got too dry instead of so much product

Danielle Gorman-Callaham

Buy a sit under dryer too

Marva Burke-Ingleton

Thanks for sharing. I was going to try the rods on the weekend.