Crochet Braids with Natural Hairline Overlay Process [Video]

The overlay process begins at 1.04 – First time seeing this process but in spite of the reasonable final results honestly I would be worried about all that glue on the edges.


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Raynisha Renee Jackson

All that damn glue. NO

Tricey Monae

I love this page.. but THAT is not healthy for any kinda hair. Natural or not. Thats way too much glue.. Won’t have no edges smh.

Danielle Felix Richardson


Jay Vanterpool

Not at all not good for your hair line

Kourtney Boston

I mean it looks REALLY good, but all that scares the heck out of me. No ma’am. Cute style though.

Mylife Allofme

She about to damage all her edges!!

Tiff Marie

I hate crochet braids, i wore them bk n 98 when they were popular ad now look bk and say wtf was i thinkin

Rachel Shira Jones

Hate crochet braids! Got them for my daughter, they were done within one week, never again.

Kacey La Cola

This is dumb. Period. She’s gonna have NO edges left!

HeatherTruly BlessedTaylor

We want to keep our edges! Shesh

Grabiella Lucas

Buhbye egdes…. lol

Jamie Termonfils

No no no

Robyn Blanton

When was putting glue on your hair ever a good idea? Like who woke up one day and said “I think I’ll put glue in my hair. Yeah. That will work”

Daphne Dantzler

I love crochet braids. If your braid pattern is done correctly you won’t need to do all that. I do my own, sometimes I cornrow sometimes flat twist, but I have never had to go to this extreme. #toomuch

Mary Turner

Stoooooooop! Ladies we have come to far for this be patient and loving with your hair!

Taneshia Johnson

I just stopped wearing weave..

Stephanie Sekoh

That glue tho….pray for her edges

Ayedin Jucaye

I would never put glue in my hair. I love doing the crochet method with straight, Afro(kinky) and curly hair ive used them all.Experiment with colors and it gives me versatility while my hair is braided underneath. Plus I have access to my scalp it can take over a 2 hours to do but the take down is easy. Idk why some people hate it.Its a great cheap protective style