Crochet Braids with Natural Hairline Overlay Process [Video]

The overlay process begins at 1.04 – First time seeing this process but in spite of the reasonable final results honestly I would be worried about all that glue on the edges.



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  1. Tricey Monae

    I love this page.. but THAT is not healthy for any kinda hair. Natural or not. Thats way too much glue.. Won’t have no edges smh.

  2. Tiff Marie

    I hate crochet braids, i wore them bk n 98 when they were popular ad now look bk and say wtf was i thinkin

  3. Robyn Blanton

    When was putting glue on your hair ever a good idea? Like who woke up one day and said “I think I’ll put glue in my hair. Yeah. That will work”

  4. Daphne Dantzler

    I love crochet braids. If your braid pattern is done correctly you won’t need to do all that. I do my own, sometimes I cornrow sometimes flat twist, but I have never had to go to this extreme. #toomuch

  5. Mary Turner

    Stoooooooop! Ladies we have come to far for this be patient and loving with your hair!

  6. Ayedin Jucaye

    I would never put glue in my hair. I love doing the crochet method with straight, Afro(kinky) and curly hair ive used them all.Experiment with colors and it gives me versatility while my hair is braided underneath. Plus I have access to my scalp it can take over a 2 hours to do but the take down is easy. Idk why some people hate it.Its a great cheap protective style

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