faux locs shared by Shay-la Phillips


Faux Locs Shared By Shay-la Phillips


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Guerline Pierre

Those edges tho

Shavon Clay


Tee Cee


Daynielle Blair

Lol, for real!

CityTruck Prod

It’s call Convertible edges . . .that’s what excessive weaves will do.

TripleThreathatsme Burkhardt


Alisha Peele

Dem Eyebrows tho?

LaTeka Brown

This looks like it’s going to do more harm then good.. I think she need a protective style that won’t pull anymore on her sides.. However the idea & style is cute..

Panama M America

She is cute though. our edges makes me sad. we don’t know any better?? length and hair type is priority. hairline takes a back seat. even lush long hair ladies hair line is thin too. wish i had the answer but I’m in the dark as well.

Jordann Alease

I think a lot of ladies with long hair wear protective styles too often and it eats your hairline.

Jeanie Luvinhim Lee

seriously…. I agree Guerline Pierre….. wooh I’m blessed… thank God!

Panama M America

We need more info about taking care of our hairline etc. more than castor oil treatment. issues is getting worse.

Koco's Page

Yesssss! #fixit That’s the 1st thing I saw Guerline, lol…smh

Kelli Mcghee

Think I’ll pass ouch

Mooky Miller

What they all said ^^^

Charrisse Martin Ling

Oh no! No way to sell the idea of this hairstyle if she’s missing the edges. No bueno

Joyce Isalegendinherownmind Williams

Geesh…loving her confidence ♠

LaTeka Brown

In all honesty this is not a style I would encourage someone who’s sides are in this condition.. Trying to understand if the admins just bypassed that? To introduce the style? Or if they see nothing wrong? Idk seems cruel considering that’s the first thing you see & the one thing people will discuss on this thread the most…

Jeannie Stewart


Sew Abella

Hmmm… color cute…;)

Kia Diamond

NOT Cute At all

Sierra Martin

Looks a hot mess.

Bryanna Chequel Boykin

She had them in for a min!! It’s time to take them out!!

Zineki Godsblessinmeeveryday Hawkins

Anything tight or heavy or pull the hair toward the back all the time you will lose hair at the hairline. Just saying.

Tasheen Lockridge

I laughed at the first comment & now I’m ashamed of myself for doing so…poor girl probably reading this smh
But what is faux locs?

Katherine Cain

I wouldn’t of had my sides up takes away from the hairstyle

Jaime Wilson

I agree. Perhaps if they were free flowing we wdnt be so distracted by her edges and we would be able to appreciate the style more.

LaTeka Brown

Exactly Tasheen we should be encouraging her & giving her better ideas to properly care for her edges..

Patricia Foster

Gull!!!!! Hell nawl.

LaTeka Brown

Faux locs are just fake dreads pretty much.. Or fake locs..

Tasheen Lockridge

Oh ok thank you LaTeka

Delynn Alkebulan Poetry


Ekisha Johnson

Whoever did them executed the style itself flawlessly!

Bri TrellesMommy Walker

Dam y her shits start so far back

Davida Hann Brotherton

Sorry young lady. This style is not helping you or your hair at all. All wrong.

Maya Harmon

The hair is gorgeous but I think that is not the right style for her.

Denise Niecy Thompson

I like to be positive like the color but I will pass.

Vonetta Gray

Such a beautiful young lady

Starlan Hoke

Pencil in the edges but pretty

Arionne Jones

Ooooooo them thangs is off the chain. And they red too.

Arianna T Jointer

No edges though yikes

Tashona Young

Edges gone yikes!!!! :/ bad pic

DA White

Not feelin it..sorry:(

Guirlaine Jean

she now needs faux edges shame she is only doing more damage by pulling it back

Ronda Williams

Ewww, no! Looks like a “Maroon Mop-head. “

Nicole Hartley

Isn’t the salon for edge loss simple??? Stop wearing weave…

Shhanikka Alltheberrys

Damn ,edges gone with the wind and new growth!

Sharon Lovinlife Dyson

Those edges tho!

Sonie Markham

Her edges

Kelly Jamila

I don’t really care about the edges add much as I dislike the color and it just looks really messy coming from the roots that are dark. Like. .. it looks too fake. I don’t personally like it

La Toya Rivers

I rather see them out then pulled back her edges or hairline whatever we we call that isn’t kept the way it should be

Jamillah Birleast

Nice. But those edges I can’t!

Tiela Lewis

The edges are sparse 🙁

Debbie Reynolds

The color of the faux dreds is nice.

Misty Shade Bass


Yolanda White

Not feeling this

Tiger Lilly

Now why you post this pic knowing damn well her edges were gone and nothing healthy…smh fail