Deep red silk press via @rachel_redd




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Raynisha Renee Jackson

Too hot for that s**t

Yolanda Parker

Maybe I should try this instead of perms Ciara Ware

Jennifer Harry

Christelle Bilong

I love the color ❤

Candy Miss-onelover Gordon

Wish mine cud look so

Lana Campbell-Moore

Beautiful color Kizzie Bass

Kizzie Bass

That’s all that’s beautiful lmao

Rennasha Monique

Erica Poindexter this how your hair would come out

Deeanna Aiken

Sherri Williams….love this color!!!

Sherri Williams

I love it!!

Deeanna Aiken

Me too

Paula Dean

This is so pretty and healthy looking

Janet Rice

What is a silk press? Tks

Vanity Thomas

Can you come do my hair

Kristin Williams


Nikole Payne

I love tht color I haven’t dyed my hair in a while. I need to get my curls back

Taneil Williams

Thought I was looking at the back of your head Senurs Sin LaDeuce Mixon

Senurs Sin LaDeuce Mixon

It sure is pretty though…

Sharon Price


Ruth Johnson

Love the color

Almaz Glasford

thought of u Shy Borne

Shy Borne

This is sooo cute

Latanya Judd

Destiny Williamson this would look nice on you

Destiny Williamson

awww it would

Leena Shadell

Tabby Gray I want this red