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    1. Monique King

      Where is she being an adult? She’s fully covered and her hair is cute. There is no makeup. People like you are called perverts and pedophiles for a reason. You sexualize what doesn’t need sexualizing.

    2. Shannon Wisniewski

      No I think the correct characterization would be conservative. Some people are very conservative and mild in there opinion of fashion choices and may find this style too adult for a child this age. So objecting to this fashion on a child wouldn’t make them a pedophile. A pedophile would find this enticing and attractive.

      I like the second style it looks cute for everyday and even formal. The first looks like a Mohawk I think that’s just a bit much for a lil girl.

    1. Ivy Clarke

      I did her hair… I am stylist out of Newport News, Va I am her mom follow me on IG AND FB

  1. Ivy Clarke

    Wow thank you ladies for the comments mostly negative but appreciative nonetheless. This work was done by me ( and not the hair magician. My baby girl is beautiful and very much a 7 year old. When your mom is a bomb stylist she comes up with different styles that accentuates your beautiful natural tresses. Maybe some of you ladies should try and be creative and not try to deteriorate my child. Follow me on FB AND IG for some styling tips and yes baby girls hair is ALWAYS ON POINT. And for that person who had an issue with how she was FULLY and APPROPRIATELY dressed come check out her closet she might be able to teach you a few things????

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