How To Save Matted Slept On Curls

3 hair picksPick It Out

You woke up next to your bonnet and you only have moments to spare? Finger detangle, use a small amount of a water based moisturizer and pick it out with a wide tooth comb or a hair pick.

Nothing is more awesome and breathtaking than a massive, gravity defying afro! You may get stares but live it! It is ok to let your afro steal the show.

You can jazz up your new ‘fro with a headband, or hair clips. You can pin some hair up for a cute look, or even a funky frohawk. Some curly girls rock a hat propped on their short cropped style.

However you choose to tackle a bad curl day, don’t worry. While you are obsessing over having not having perfectly groomed curls and coils, someone else is over your shoulder admiring your crowning glory just the way it is.

Spritz a little water based moisturizer, shake and go, don’t even worry about it. You can also use flax seed gel and aloe gel to smooth and moisturize your edges which gives you a more polished look.

Accessorize & Go

There are so many options when it comes to accessories and they are a quick stylish fix for bad curl days.  Accessories can provide effortless swag to remedy many a hair disaster and let’s face it, they also help you disguise the fact that your hair is not on point!

HeadbandsHeadbands come in all kinds of materials and colors and can hold your hair back or hold your hair down and can also help in completing your look.

Flowers – A flower can also brighten up any curly crown and they are feminine and always pretty! No matter if you choose fresh or plastic, adding a flower to your natural mane is always a plus.

Beanies – Beanies and head wraps are another option. Wearing them allows you to leave just a little hair out. Some curly girls will wear a satin bonnet under their head wraps to protect their strands from friction and damage that can be caused by wool.

You can do mini twists, or a large goddess braid to the side to keep the ends of your bangs protected. Be sure to replenish any lost moisture with a water based moisturizer and seal with oils or butters before wearing beanies and head wraps.

The next time you wake up and your pillow case is well moisturized, but your curls are a dry and  tangled mess, follow these tips to help revive your hair and make your hair wearable for the day.

Originally posted 2013-11-13 15:00:53.

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About Tyra

I dive into what Cosmetology school really teaches about ethnic/curly hair, & share what I have learned with you.

About Tyra

I dive into what Cosmetology school really teaches about ethnic/curly hair, & share what I have learned with you.


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  1. Tabatha

    I have short hair, so I can’t pineapple or anything so when I get up its matted, so I do the sprits and fix it a bit, but I’m glad that I’m basically do it right. But sometimes the curls re-curl funny. I wonder if it’s because of how I sleep at night

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