5 Signs You Are Definitely A Product Junkie

product junkieI cannot tell you how easy it is to become a product junkie especially when you are just starting out as a new natural. For one, there are so many products out there and two ‘natural’ hair products are sold anywhere from the grocery store to the mall so you are always faced with temptation.

With that said, a few of you may still be in denial about your habits, and if so, we thought it would be fun to list the top 5 signs that you are a product junkie and some suggestions on how you can move past it.

1. Go in for kale, come out with 3-4 new hair products

As a recovering product junkie, this was a huge deal for me. I would go into the store for specific items, yet always find myself in the hair aisle, and in my car with bags full of everything except the items I really needed to buy.

I suggest get everything you went to the store to purchase first and then shop the hair aisle last. Chances are you will either never make it to the hair aisle or you will purchase less because your priorities are already in the cart.

2. Always rationalize why you need a hair product

Lets face it, if you have to rationalize why you need to buy a product, then 9 times out of 10 you probably shouldn’t buy it.

I understand that you should do research before buying a product, or maybe even buy a sample to test out before you purchase the regular size, but if you find yourself in the store thinking about why you should or shouldn’t buy the item, then most likely you shouldn’t.

Rationalization should be done at home where your mind is clear and the product isn’t within reach. Then, go to the store to buy the item if you decide that you truly want it.

3. Impulse buying

Impulse buying is something that I definitely struggle with across the board, but it used to be bad in the area of hair products. When I first big chopped, I was literally buying a new product every time I went to Target just on impulse. There wasn’t even any rationalization or thought, just see, pick up, and buy.

When you create your regimen, add to it the products you need to get your regimen accomplished. Stick with your plan and this should eliminate impulse buying all together.

4. You have never had an empty container

If you’ve been natural for a couple of months, then you should have had at least 2-3 empty containers of your most frequently used products.

I realized I was a junkie when I noticed that none of my products were ever getting empty and I was starting to run out of space for the new stuff. Get your empties game up! Make yourself use up all of your product before purchasing a new one.

5. You cannot pass up a sale

Often drugstores have the BOGO Shea Moisture promo, which is actually a pretty good deal considering the amount you are saving on each product.

However, if the only reason you are buying the products is because they are on sale, then you will be purchasing products unnecessarily.

There’s nothing wrong with trying out new products, or treating yourself once in a while, but make sure you’re not making it a habit!

About Brittany Waddell

Just a Southern girl taking life by storm in NYC! Oh- and I'm natural too:) Be sure to check out my posts to learn some tips and tricks on how I tame my natural hair!

About Brittany Waddell

Just a Southern girl taking life by storm in NYC! Oh- and I'm natural too:) Be sure to check out my posts to learn some tips and tricks on how I tame my natural hair!


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