Stylist Feature – Adasha “Gifted”

Stylist Feature - Adasha

Introduce yourself and which salon if any you work at…

Hi my name is Adasha. I’m 27 years old. I have a station in a salon that I work from until I get my own shop.

Stylist photo - Adasha

Stylist photo – Adasha

How long have you worked as a licensed cosmetologist (or equivalent in your country) and where did you study?

Some months while living in Trinidad. It’s a country in the Caribbean. I am now beginning cosmetology school.

What is your specialty, relaxed, natural hair, locs or anything special?

I specialize in weaves, natural hair, relaxers & treatments.

What in your opinion is the most rewarding thing about working as a hair stylist?

A happy client I must say

When you meet that customer that has not had a great experience with a previous stylist, how do you make them comfortable while in your chair?

I talk them through what I’m doing while explaining what products are being used and what they can do for their hair. I never talk bad about the person who messed up their hair before.

If you could change one thing about the cosmetology industry what would that be?


Where do you see yourself a few years from now, what are your goals as a stylist?

Having a full salon. Hair, nails and body works done in the same shop.

How do you stay motivated and on top of your game?

Learning and trying new styles in my field.

Here is a chance to sell you ‘the stylist’ and your business, tell us why we should utilize your services?

I work very hard for what I want. My work is well and professionally done. I don’t mislead my clients about what products do. I tell them the truth, not leading them on in any way. Also enjoying my work every step of the way.

In which city/state do you mainly work?

Port-Of-Spain Trinidad.

How can we contact you for an appointment?

At the Conner of Duke & George street P-O-S. Opposite All Stars Pan yard. gifted-7199389. Also find me on Facebook

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  1. Sharma Bryant

    I don’t want to be hurtful, rude or mean, bc, after all, this person who created these styles have feelings & obviously proud of their work. Maybe the stylist should be mentored or enroll in cosmetology school. A bit more learning & experience is needed…..but don’t give up!

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