About Ky Smith

For the love of hair – beginning as a Hair Enthusiast, Ky Smith fell in love with caring for and styling hair at age 10. “I was that girl who wanted to comb everyone’s hair,” Smith reminisces. “And I still do,” Smith adds, with a laugh. Smith was first inspired to pursue hairstyling as a profession by her aunt who was a hairstylist. Fast forward to 2006, Smith is the proud owner and Head Trichologist of Folliclez 360 Salon in Torrance, California, with over 20 years in the industry. Smith studied all aspects of hair, fine-tuning best practices, techniques, regimens, and the art of prescribing individualized treatments and products, for each of her client's specific needs. Smith is a certified Healthy Hair Virtuoso, Hair Loss Expert and Top Trichologist who specializes in growing and maintaining healthy, strong tresses. Smith is among the leading hair care professionals in the industry, with a passion for helping women achieve healthy hair from the inside, out. Smith operates on the belief that "Beauty Starts From Within" and continually provides resources to teach healthy hair care regimens as well as techniques to prevent hair loss through her Hair Guides, E-Books, and "Recover Your Roots" Educational Series. She focuses on the importance of nutrition, juicing and healthy lifestyle to promote healthy hair growth from roots to tips. Smith specializes in creating realistic solutions to all of our individual hair needs.