Would You? Waxing Your Hairline for Lace Wig Straps to Prevent Slipping [Video]



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  1. Aketo Umat

    Black Women: Stop w/the weaves, lace fronts, and tight braids already!! The entire world is laughing at you!

    1. Phoenix McGee

      The entire world though? It ain’t about black and white because beauty standards are different culturally and yeah, other races do use extensions and etc. Took it waaay too far with that statement.

    2. Jamila Kelly

      Then again , why should one care? Everyone laughs at anyone for anything. fashion, hair style, the way they walk, the way they talk. ..
      So your statement is pointless, because quite honestly if you like it then who gives a damn if someone else doesn’t? I suggest you gain some confidence because sounds like you care a little too much about what other people think 🙂

    3. Megan Elizabeth LaPlant

      The entire world… probably not. But I do agree with the sentiment. I live in a predominantly black town. I know (personally) not a single white woman who wears extensions. (Feathers… different story) but almost every black woman I know wears weave, with the exception of 2 or 3 natural sisters.
      It’s not so much a laugh but a big ole SIGH!!! my brothers girlfriend (and my personal bestie :)) wears weave all the time! It drives me crazy!! Do you know why white women wear weaves? For fullness! Most (I’m not gonna say all) black women have beautiful, thick, luxurious hair! Why cover that up?!? And there are so many different textures? Do you know, white women every where are dying for that kind of versatility? You can wear your adorable afro, twist it up, Banta knots, flat iron for a sleek smooth look… the possibilities are endless…
      Anyways… ramblings of a jealous white girl. Stop covering up your gorgeous hair!!

    4. Kianda Skater Hagley

      Megan Elizabeth LaPlant I totally agree with you. I sigh too because its so sad. Black women do not realise how versatile and beautiful their natural hair is but yet they go out of their way to wear someone else’s hair to look like something they are not because society brainwashed a lot of us into thinking our natural hair is something that needs to be covered up!

    5. Carmella McCoy

      Probably a misogynist bm trolling. You can’t dictate to other grown people on what to do to their heads. Focus on your own.

    6. Megan Elizabeth LaPlant

      I wouldn’t dare!!! I preach, beautiful glorious hair! I’m not going to go as far as to say I know the plight… but I’m a redhead. I know what it’s like to be singled out and mocked for something you have no control over. Children are vicious little beasts (preteens really) Ariel was the only disney princess that looked like me. But as I matured, I realized that it is our differences that make us beautiful. What a boring life we would have if we all looked the same.
      Embrace your natural beauty!! Weaves, makeup and hair color are fun bits that allow us to demonstrate our unique personalities, but when you become so consumed with a beauty ideal that is practically unattainable… what’s the point? Waxing your next line? Wtf?!?

    7. Aketo Umat

      Save the curse words for face-to-face encounters…seriously. Okay…just an opinion….like everyone else’s. Continue getting weaves ladies, that destroy your hair follicles, and look unnatural. We happy now?

    8. Aketo Umat

      I happen to agree. But I am beginning to see that trends (in our history as decendents of African slaves) are not noticed by many. Which make it easier to continue them…but the world cannot be saved. 85% will be forever lost (and hostile when you mention enlightenment). So be it….I tried.

    9. Raven Marie

      I sigh too…but not really at women wearing weaves, but the exaggeration of the weave. I’m all for 12-14 inches because to me that looks like natural length. My hair natural is about that long. But the 20+ inches of weave with the weird parts and such…makes me sigh…hard.

    10. Aketo Umat

      I want ya’ll to talk to my sister wo is braider. She specializes in repairing the scalps and hair follicles of Black women who have been wearing sew in’s, glue in’s, lace fronts, and box braids. What makes her different from other braiders is, she will not give you whatever you ask for just because it is “in style”, or because you ask for it. Instead, she assesses the scalps of women who have literally killed their hair follicles by allowing so-called stylists to braid, pull, and tug at their delicate hair and follicles. She hears the horror stories of the women in her chairs who have been SCALPED, literally. I did not believe it either ….until she told me, and showed me the photos. She takes photos of ALL of her customers prior to doing their hair so that she can never be accused of doing that to them. Every last one of them were in weaves, tight braids, and lace front wigs. I am against ANYTHING that destroys us physically and emotionally. So, get mad …or do whatever you want. Those styles are harmful and the products you are using to maintain them are FULL of chemicals. Additionally, wearing “straight” styles require you to avoid steam, water, and such. That means that exercise is a threat to the upkeep of those hair styles due to sweating, as are steamy showers and baths …and swimming. Now, I am not saying people do not bathe…but I am saying that having those styles, especially with the cost of maintaining them, would inspire one to avoid moisture. Moisture, Black women, is REQUIRED for our hair. Black hair REQUIRES mositure…ask any EDUCATED hair specialist….and I mean w/degrees. So….say what you want. Your hair needs daily MOISTURE, which completely destroyes pressed/straightened weaves. Don’t get mad at me…get mad at the styles you are choosing.

    11. Aketo Umat

      My Indian (former) supervisor at work initiated a conversation w/me. She says, “I hear that our hair is really popular in the U.S.” I tell her I do not know she is talking about, with a confused look on my face. She goes on to tell me that in India, they grow their hair so that Black girls can have beautiful hair. I give her a blank stare. Not because I did not know that already; not because it is not true. I give her a blank stare b/c it is actually true, and I could not think of a comeback.

    12. Chevy Genous

      I’m getting tired of the “white women do it too” excuse. When white women wear extensions it matches THEIR hair texture. If majority of white women walked around with Afro wigs Black people would laugh.

    13. Seandee Gayden


  2. Rose Ebanks

    I have shaved off mine once before when i was wearing my dreads out, and the back doesn’t look good, but it grew back fast.

  3. Trayce N Jackson

    It doesn’t matter what you do. It still look a mess. Wigs and all that other garbage. Be real to yourself!

  4. Calandrial A. Afriyie

    I viewed the video. She’s maintaining her kitchen via waxing. No big deal. She takes off her wig and shows you. I would imagine that the waxing would hurt. I’ve been getting my eyebrows waxed since I was 22 and it still hurts!

  5. Pamela Smith

    Because I just want to prove to everybody that this hair (weave) is really mine? Because with this strap now my weave looks authentic? I thought the nape hair was supposed to grow with the rest of my hair. Uh…it’s a no from me.

  6. Marissa Johnson

    Ok. I wouldnt have done it but She feels Beautiful so im happy for her. But why do we feel like she’s -Our Sisters- brainwashed because she wears a weave? I feel like we are constantly bashing folks for not being natural and it’s no different than being bashed for being natural. Also as history has shown us, We did not discover artificial hair wearing. Many CULTURES have been doing that for years, including contructing under garments to give the look of a rounder bottom-for example the bustle.

  7. Debbie Reynolds

    No!. Waxing rips the hair from the hair follicle. The hair may not grow back. Maybe just trim the hairs.

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