How-to Senegalese Twists like a Pro! [Video]



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  1. Chantal Olivia Lamar

    Help me please: Having my twists for 4 days. Lost already five of them and they look like they 8 weeks old. Really odd. What did my hairdresser do wrong? 🙁

    1. Karla Skillern

      It could depend on your hair texture as niece has very fine hair and regardless of she has braids or twist with or without weave they don’t last long. If your twist were twisted in and it was not done correctly they couls slip out..

    2. Chantal Olivia Lamar

      She braided the beginning because of my hair texture she said so they hold better. But they didn’t still. As well I got the Senegalese Jumbo twists but not too thick because they could be to heavy for my hair. I thought already too maybe it’s because of mx hair texture they are just too thin but when she does weave it always last as long as I take care of my hair 2- 3 months or even 4- 6.. and my full haid is cornrowed then. I thought maybe she just should do braids now?
      Because I’m afraid to risk again twist and they only stay for two days again..

  2. Kirstie

    What about twisting mixed hair. What How can I do what you did above, but with my hair. My hair is long down my back, and curly. Mixed black hair. Thank you.

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