DIY| Copper Pixie Bowl Cut Wig [Video]


ist of products used:
* Rpg show virgin indian hair
* Mayvenn blonde hair
* Milky way 27 piece hair(#4)
* 20 and 40 volume developers
* mixing bowl/applicator brush
* foil
* loreal hicolor for dark hair only(ash blonde)
* wella color tango(copper)
* Canvas block head(get the size that matches your head size)
* Wig making tripod
* T-pins
* Adjustable wig cap
* Glue glue and glue sticks
* Sheers
* Hair razor
* rat tail comb
* Clipper
* curling wand
* Flat iron


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Octavia Shabazz

Damn i thought it was her hair

Vassey Contour

That’s really cute .

Mimi Lee


Victoria Jones

Nice l want this!!

Tash Blackiston

Love this so much!!!!!

Roni M. Cow

Djoulde T. Kei this is cute

Djoulde T. Kei

Loooove it ????

Rhonda Green

Sharlene this is too cute

Sharlene Lovinlife Smoak

Yes that’s really cute

Minyon Mimi Daniels

Lynette Lindsey I need one ma’am. Tymecka Smith can you do this??

Roslyn Richards

Very nice

Josephine Brinson

I need this

Keisha Bush

Danielle Allen hot glue???

Maria Chanel

Crystal Hodges super cute

Shameika Newton

Neek Neek lets do this I’ll buy the glue gun

Michel Barnes

That’s right ladies TEAM work…… post a video doing it and showing how it looks with you guys are done.

NiaEishia Brodus

Sharde Simmons This Color !!

Myrna Harris


NiaEishia Brodus

Latisha Brodus This Too Nice !!

Latisha Brodus

Omg yes

NiaEishia Brodus

We Gotta Try This.

Danielle Anderson

Saw it last night. I’m subscribed to her channel.

Lesa Pinkston Horne


Tracy Jackson-carrazana

Wow she made that look easy
Great skills!!

Courtney Payne

Shariah Bowling I’m telling u u should do this

Tondica Benjamin

She’s amazing, love looking at her youtube channel..

Tanya Davis

Toniece Smith can you do this?

Michel Barnes

that’s tight

Karen Clements

Maybe you need to sell your wigs.

Steph Carter

Lakeeta Jones..what’s up wit this

Rosina Paige

I like that it’s cute

Marie PT

Latisa Paramore I want this

Courtney Brown

Damn. That’s talent.

Pamela Pettway

On Point

Tiela Lewis

I wasn’t ready for that!! Fabulous!

De-Janelle Lynnette Lockett

Can we do something like this Tiffany Michelle Lockett

Arolyn Rias

I watched her video last night she’s talented

Helen Lilian

Che bello????????????????????

Yolanda Monique

I like this. I want one!

Tacoyia Nelson


Tressie Wilson

She has another one too cousin with the frontal…you seen that?! ???????????????? omg I love her!!!!

Jasmene Watson


Nita Little Chavous

She’s good Courtney Michelle Lauren Chavous

Kiki Furbush

Ya Ya Hair hot glue gun

Katrina Hodges

Kallyn Tall This is cute.

DeSarae Jazmin Smalls

Blu Jones can you do this for me

Crystal E. Collins

Wow. I’m not that crafty!

Meko Lacy

That’s f**king pretty

Debra Lyles

She’s good this is too cute.

Kris Love

Luvenia Perkins I going to see if Sandra can make one! This sweet!

Luvenia Perkins

That’s hot

Amelia Hill

I need one that is beautiful wish i could do that

DirtsWife Von

Desarie we need to try this next.

Marguerite Cole Willis

Sharp girl

Phyllis Brooks

I wish I knew someone that could and would style wigs for me like this in Atlanta – I would pay for this and change styles when I felt like it.

Nicole Benz

Kwanedra Smith she makes great wigs!!! Check her out she’s here in Atlanta

Kwanedra Smith

Nicole Benz thank you Phyllis Brooks IG: KwanDIDIt

Monique Auxilly

Girl I watch alll her videos ! ????

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