Beyonce’s REAL HAIR is LONG and is revealed in NEW Vogue video! Blue Ivy, the twins, and MORE!

Beyonce’s Vogue Magazine video shoot has been released and Beyonce looks AMAZING! She shows behind the scene footage of her children and shows off her amazingly LONG CURLY THICK HAIR! Comment your thoughts!



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  1. Tahlleea Widow
    Tahlleea Widow

    Kourtney Johnson feelings??? What are those?? But I see you was so bothered that u left a comment…… bless your heart

  2. Brayhna Blasingame
    Brayhna Blasingame

    um.. this WHOLE PAGE is about BLACK HAIR. Beyonce isnt the say all be all about being black or hair but the have info on her hair and shes black. Its not important, but its interesting. WHY YALL GOTTA BE SERIOUS ALL THE DAMN TIME. CAN WE JUST ENJOY ONE THING!! Are you REALLY changing anything by commenting WhO CaReS? ThIS AiNt ImPoRtAnT. Did you end world hunger? did you stop police brutality? Did your singular comment build the self confidence in a young black girl. no
    you were just looking on your phone, just like me. get off your high horse.

  3. Brittany McGriff
    Brittany McGriff

    I don’t understand why ppl don’t believe her hair is real she has only been rich and taking care if it forever

  4. Channi Joi
    Channi Joi

    All that money she pays for a personal stylist … her hair should be long and healthy. DUH !!

    If I were her stylist, I’d be mad at people saying it was fake too … that’s his work ! ????

  5. Patrece Ford
    Patrece Ford

    Who cares if her hair is long are short she’s still beautiful. Is this because she’s black

  6. Jai Trineice
    Jai Trineice

    Why would it be unbelievable that she has long healthy hair? She’s been wearing it protected all this time. When you leave your hair alone it grows.

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