Bentonite Clay on 4a/4b Natural Hair Tutorial

Hi loves! This is how I cleanse my hair with bentonite clay! I've been using the bentonite clay for the past 2 months and my hair is loving it! Its been shiny, moisturized and finally doing well in this dry Cali weather. Next up is the curl defining process which i'll be updating you guys with very soon! Enjoy! : ) Bentonite Clay -



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  1. Sheis Jo

    Then you will dry them and get the result of the first pic. Innit.
    If you want to stay natural, just accept the Afro. Otherwise get a weav-on!


      It really doesn’t go back to the result of first pic. It’s not a relaxer like the lady claimed but it makes curls way more defined. Bentonite clay is also the Magic ingredient of the maximum hydration method which reveals all curl patterns even on 4c hair types.

  2. Daph Love

    Stephanie Eustache Marline François I do this once a week or 3 times a month ladies. Try it out!

    1. Sierra Wright

      It’s great for cleansing your hair. I wouldn’t use it often because it strips your hair of its natural oils but if you pair it with the bentonite clay and a deep conditioner like in the max hydration method your hair will be fine

    2. Kenyatta Williams

      It’s wonderful. I agree with Sierra, use it sparingly to rid your hair of product build up. Must use with a deep conditioner/ moisturizer.

    1. Toy Jaynell

      It’s a method done in the shower that brings your curl pattern 4c and it works for me.

    1. Latoya Alls

      Girl i WISH i could get my curls like that, the back is, but the front has more heat damage so it’s straight

    2. Shawntay Orr

      I know the feeling.. Had to give my hair a break on the heat started to loose my “curl pattern”

  3. AM Foxx

    Joia Elise Jasmine Cloud Karisma Kirtley I would love to see how this looks in real life. I have clay at home for whoever wants to be the test subject!!

    1. Elle Gee

      Bernadette is benonite clay what we call ‘Fula’ in twi? if so i’ve been eating saa with a lack of knowledge

    1. Shara LovingLife

      This is quite interesting???? My curls are more define than the 1st pic however I still want to try this. Thanks Hun

  4. ShiShi Maze

    I’m 4B from everything I’ve seen…the ACV by itself as my rinse before my leave-in conditioner is makes my softness and zigzags pop back. I’ve tried both mixed but no real difference and it was a little tuff getting the clay^ACV paste of my hair.

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