Another version of crotchet box braids here

Hey my lovelies! Today I’m here with a tutorial on how I did my crochet box braids. I used just under 7 packs of 24″ small crochet box braid hair for this and it took me about 2.5 hours to do (not including cornrowing my hair). I left out my front edges and did single plaits there so that the style looks undetectable and the parting looks natural. Hope you like!

You can also get crotchet hair on Aliexpress


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Donika Brown

Hmmm mmm

Paige Dixon

I’ve done it before. I think I want to try it again

Abby Albert

Hmm that’s a good idea

Tamika Carr

I have to try this one day!!!

Martha L Smith

ShaQuita Kierra White i want these

Brenda Hiett

Love this song

Whitney Lee

Talibah N. Ashe you should do this to your hair

Lakia Nicole Jemison

Yes I did this before

Sherri White

Nichole Bell it’s about time for a redo lol

Tache Ford

It look cute

Shoshana Benoit


Tache Ford

It look cute

Latresa Dshone

Latresa Dshone myself

T Nerice Perry

Kenya Sparkles what about this?

LaToya Beautiful-Butterfly Glass

Shay Shay I know you like learning new techniques.

Franquese Bridgewater

Wow that is really neat I will be on the look out for that type of hair

Likedia Martinez

Keyshia Battee yay or nay?

Keyshia Battee


Jannee Swanson

Let me know if you find it i want you to do mine

Elise Marshall

Crystal Crunch We could do this.

Shae-Im Reloaded

Wytesha, can we make this happen???

Wytesha Binion


Kuiana Slaughter

Walberta Hill I like this

Salisha Dearing

Wow !

Amy Lynn

Curtiea Brown gone head and learn how to do this!

Curtiea Brown

Already got it girl!

Amy Lynn


Walberta Hill

That’s easy

Mamie Bozeman

Mrandmrsdixon Ross I want that pl

Ashley Wishuwasme Monroe

Love it

Annie Ced

Jade Cedrac what do you think??

Trece Jones

I saw this on YouTube!

LiNa Rachel


Jessica Snowden

Traylene Parker wow

Traylene Parker

Yeah I saw that on you tube yesterday

Traylene Parker

Bad thing is taking them out could suck and pull out your real hair if you don’t know what you doing

Tee Tee Overit Tillmon

Cherrice Pucci Tillmon she left hair out to do them on the edges

Nicole Jackson

Artresa Nicole can u do these?

Artresa Nicole


Yolanda May

I love this

Love Dixon

I want those!

Tanisha Dixon

Love Dixon yes!!!!!

Love Dixon

Can you find the hair please

Cherrish FrenchyJackson

Do my hair like this

Deidra Murry

Blessed Iam I think I want to try these next

Blessed Iam

Sounds like a plan

Deidra Murry

Blessed Iam I think these will be nice for my trip in August.

Blessed Iam

Ok cool we can give it a shot !!!

Deidra Murry

Blessed Iam I’m all excited now. Now when the time comes I’m gonna get the same hair????????

Blessed Iam

Oooo lord lol

Deidra Murry

Blessed Iam I’m gonna do better????

Rebecca Ć Morehand


Nikki Jackson

This is probably what I will be doing for my trip. Saving money.

Shanshan LO

Chelsea J. Diego can you hook up your cousin hair, I like & I looks gd.

Chelsea J. Diego

Yes cuz anytime you ready lemmi know I love it too I’d rock this myself!

Tina Miller

I like her method Pamatpeace Haynes

Pamatpeace Haynes

I saw this method before

Charlotte Martinson

@Christiana Anane watch it

Marquitta Jones

Marshari Janel Chambers u see this

Diona Colley-Burnett

Are these heavier than the normal braids?

Leandra Mika

wow ????????????????

Christiana Anane

Yours is nice

Nella Charlie Noruwana

Neo Modise I’m totally doing this! Click on the link and see where you can even buy the braids.

Neo Modise

Eeeeeeh !!!! Much better than the wig

Loraine Sinclair

Whenever you ready…

Memento Charinga

Belinda Gamu Mhike doing this soon

Belinda Gamu Mhike

Was actually on this post when you tagged me. Love it

Memento Charinga

Haha I found the pre plaited braids- like the twists